Sat 4 August 2018 | 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm
The Container - Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv,

— This is the summer of the Oceans in Brass Band —

After successful performances at the Smilansky Festival in Be’er Sheva and the Blues Festival in Sderot, where they also celebrated the release of the single in their first album, the violins arrive for the first time in a festive New Orleans celebration as part of the International Blues Day celebrations.

— A little about the ensemble if you have not heard them yet —

Ohana Brass Band (OBB) is a street orchestra of 12 musicians, the elite of the groove players in Israel, who come from the bands Hadag Nachash, the apples, Fankenstein and more.
The band started its activity in the summer of 2011 as a project of friends who enjoy the wonderful music of the street orchestras in New Orleans, USA During the summer the band performed spontaneously on Rothschild Boulevard in protest of the tents and Allenby Street on the White Night, And events throughout the country.
The Oceans in Brass Band make music directed at the soul. Their inspiration is the legendary street orchestras of New Orleans, which combine different cultural traditions with a joyous life. They bring this inspiration and energy to the Israeli street. With no less than 10 bidders and 2 drummers, she combines jazz and dance music with Latin music, funk and even hip-hop. Its main purpose is to cheer, dance, celebrate life and do good in the heart.

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