Mon 9 April 2018 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Bascula - HaRakevet 72, Tel Aviv,

On 9/4 you choose InBalance !!! 🙃

So after a year has passed since we last performed our show on the Bascula stage before our premiere, and after we went on working, we ran, tried, invented, changed our teeth, checked, checked, sweated a lot, dressed differently and then repeated it all again. Our full show “Bounty of heights”!

It is a show on a group. About the group she is us. About six people, different from one another, about everything our sons write about, about a quarrel, about love, about relationships, about mess and order, about nonsense, movement, trust, timing, the decision to create an act, , Has been an instance.

In our circus world we tell a story and invite you to come and see us move, jump, dance, throw and grab, turn over, surrender, connect and separate, play between heights and challenge each other, everything possible and all that is worth.

A sitting performance, 50 minutes.

Artists: Noa Matalon, Inbal Resnick, Alina Blechman, Noy Lev-Or, Tomilio Mintz and Navot Uri.
Directed by Orit Nevo
Original music: Studio Floa / Adam Eckstein
Costume Design: Yasmin Volk
Photo: Guy Vago

Early sale tickets: 60 NIS
Tickets at the box office: NIS 80

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