Sat 22 June 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Bar Giora - Bar Giora 4, Tel Aviv,

Recording this album is difficult. Really hard. Every step of the process is emotionally and emotionally draining, while the desire to break the dishes surges as you approach the goal.

We decided to turn this storm into an evening and join a Pangea band like we’re working on an album.

So what to expect?
Involve rock and metal with a lot of prog and chutzpah. Peak energies and tremble in your hands, because when talking to a record, you speak the most sincere and the most powerful.

Weekends First
10 First Tickets – 40 NIS
Ten First Tickets + Hartbins Album – 50 ILS

Early Show Only – 50 NIS
Early Performance + The Artbein Album – 70 NIS

at the Door
Only Performance – 60 NIS

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