Tue 16 October 2018 | 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Dov Hoz Community Centre - Dov Hoz 16, Tel Aviv,

Obviously your life is run perfectly *

The thought that your mind is a large container that tries to remember 100 details and arrange them according to some logical order, with supervision that everything is happening now and planning where you want to go and activating all the factors necessary to achieve it and at the same time have the same life that they are not easy – , This is pretentious thought.

Still, we all have this problem. Overloading the brain, overloading the brain. If everything is important right now, nothing matters. And if nothing matters, things do not happen. And if things do not happen, we get tired of ourselves and want to die and all this self-criticism and then we stop because “I’m probably not made of these substances” and “It’s good because of ADHD.”

On the second evening of EYBY’s series of lectures, “It’s clear that your life is well managed.” We’re going to take the cruise off completely. Which means that we will talk about mapping all the things we have on the agenda, in every field. We will discuss and assimilate this mapping using the GTD method that will help us to manage full of small and large details and build the brain behind the built system.

Then we’ll talk about three apps to manage the brain we built on GTD, and actually see how we build a system. Then we’ll talk a bit about what happens when things do not happen, we do not get along, we’re stuck in our own loops, and how to skip over them like Yael in Ein Gedi.

Who is the evening for? Musicians, creators, and also people who have things in life that require treatment, that it means to everyone. The examples we’ll take will be from the music projects, but even the musicians will be able to adapt all of the above to their lives.

Evening Program:

Mind Mapping
Getting Things Done (GTD)
Project Management using Monday
Tasks Manamgenet using Todoist
Contacts Management using MixMax
When things fall apart

Lecturers: Yair Yona, Eyal Basson

see you later 🙂

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