Sat 24 November 2018 | 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Shraddha Yoga Studio - Heichal HaTalmud 3, Tel Aviv, 110 NIS

Would you enjoy life more if you didn’t have to think about your weight or count calories?

5kg more or less, doesn’t define how incredibly beautiful and unique you are.

Weight loss happens naturally once you start to be more gentle and conscious with yourself.

Often, when we make unhealthy choices, we’re actually looking for stress relief, intimacy, freedom or love.

Nutrition isn’t black and white, right or wrong.


In this 2 hour workshop, you’ll get to know…

… how to change your eating habits long-term
… why positive or negative feelings towards nutrition plays a crucial role in fat storage
… why we typically over or under eat to compensate for certain feelings
… your limiting belief systems towards nutrition and your body

In addition, you’ll be guided through a deep meditation to weaken unhealthy eating habits and and strengthen your trust in making healthy choices.

Where: In the beautiful Shraddha Yoga Studio
Cost: Early Bird 90 ILS // At door: 110 ILS

10 % of every charge I make will be donated to social projects, which you will be supporting as well 💚

Spots are limited.

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