Thu 25 July 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Beit Ariela Public Library - Shaul Hamelech 25, Tel Aviv,


Who is calling today at all sorry recorded message: Yesh! What’s new? Here we are again broadcasting here from draft house.

You hear? 25.07 There are drafts and it is not so obvious that we are busy here with the accents.
Sorry this is not a recorded message and it’s a podcast at all and it’s very funny. Nah, this is a radio. Lol no
it NAW
this evening
really alive
and there is
happens to

Our heart throbs whenever we think of you.
She puts her on the stage, next to the grill and the bars, with the microphone, a bit embarrassed? Concentrated? Yes, everything is great. Just want to tell your story.

Drafts from your smartphone come back in a particularly tanned version, inviting you to go on stage and read a draft you wrote on the phone app to yourself in the dark and did not think it would show light.

And after there was not enough space suitable for that, we came to call you to come to the stage and say things that are important to you to play.
Even though we’re not used to a microphone at all. Even though we’re not used to it at all. What, it’s not that we were born into a microphone. Even though we are recording messages in Westpap all day long, we have been plagued by
these state-of-the- art recordings.
A new law that we invented: Not recording a message in Wattsap unless it is:
1. Something that can not be explained in writing
2. Something that saves an oppressive phone call
3. Something urgent in the middle of the day
4. General update with content
5. Less than 00: 02 seconds
– – – – –
So after the recording laws, it’s our time to call for
realizing dreams.
This is our nearest evening sign.
We’ll say dreamers on perfect draft evenings. And all kinds of things.
And all that is left is to continue dreaming dreams
to fulfill and
and continue to fall and
continue to
let it flow
in associative writing, which begins from the moment a sentence is written and it flows,
like drafts – its name is actually a draft and who decides what is what? This is the conversation we wanted to do to the boss, and we wrote it in the draft to give it a speech. This is the thoughts we thought of in the hallucinatory places, half poems, unfinished thoughts we wrote, Mantras that we wanted to remember, a story that still has no end, a thought that led to another thought and connected with another and together we become an idea, drafts it with you, with the smartphone, on the stage.

For the upcoming Knots evening> 07 \ 25 It’s
going to be hot, blazing and just
(there’s a clear air conditioner) in
Elano to read your drafts very much, so brass items Bita Shawn
sent it in time (!)
Because the library and joke about Librarian
and Beit Ariela are waiting for us, Stayed on stage.
The drafts that you would like to read are sent to mail or to avocas but brass to mail (
with a few words
about you and the draft
and if you were a beach in Tel Aviv what beach were you?
Until then
father of black rabbits Milan 💛

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