Tue 18 June 2024 | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Event: Nomadic Souls: A Semiotics of the Start
Date: 18.6 19:00
Location:** The Harmony Cultural Center
Curators: Vera Gailis, Anna Smoliarov
**Participating Artists:**
Barkov Alona, Borowski Helen, Desnenko Katya, Dorfman Mila, Faybish Nastya, Fazulina Marina, Finkelstein Kate, Frucht Katya, Gailis Vera, Goifman Aleksander, Kireeva Yulia, Kochubei Yulia, Korchagin Oleg, Korotenko Lara, Kotlyarski Lidiya, Lamanova Nataliia, Lev Barukh, Lipshitz Bella, Luba Laor, Mali Natali, Marginalia Natalia, Neverova Masha, Petrusheva Pavla, Nikitina Sasha, Ovrutskaya Yana, Remneva Olga, Rozenbaum Natalia, Rudikova Svetlana, Shtemberg Elena, Shifrin Elena, Shilyaev Andrey, Shmelkova Anastasiia, Smoliarova Anna, Volokhonskaya Maria, Voytsekhovskiy Boris

**Exhibition Description:**
“Nomadic Souls: A Semiotics of the Start” is a group exhibition exploring the journey of new immigrants to Israel through visual art and semiotic research. Curated by Vera Gailis and Anna Smoliarov, the exhibition delves into the first-year experiences of newcomers, highlighting feelings of loneliness, culture shock, and the search for belonging.
Featuring works by 35 artists, the exhibition creates a mosaic of immigrant experiences, revealing the complexity of integrating into Israeli society. Alongside the art, personal items like ulpan notebooks and letters offer a unique view into the immigrant’s journey of learning and adapting.
This exhibition underscores the critical role of visual symbols in the immigrant experience, providing insight into the personal and sensitive process of starting anew in Israel.

**Organized by:**
– **Kakdelart:** Platform for artist integration in Israel
– **Nefashot:** Initiative raising awareness about mental health through art and culture
– **The Harmony Cultural Center:** Venue for cultural events, featuring both new and established artists
– **Vera Gailis:** Curator, social activist, lecturer, artist
– **Anna Smoliarov:** Curator, artist, cultural manager, lecturer
Join us for an evening of artistic exploration and cultural dialogue. Discover the powerful connection between art and the immigrant experience.

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