Fri 23 February 2018 | 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Phi - Ahad Ha'am 54, Tel Aviv, 30 NIS

I was very small when the soldiers grabbed my mother and tied her with a rope to a tree in the yard, and they said they would take her to jail, so at night we decided to flee, and we crossed the border to Ethiopia, but there they said we had to go back to Eritrea. us border of Sudan and the Sudan my mother had a lot of bad things. things I can not tell.
Carmela Tilt (17), an asylum seeker from Eritrea

“I was a good student but lately I can not concentrate. I have too many worries in my head. If I’m deported to Sudan, that’s my end. At my age, I was supposed to be a mother of three. “It is very frightening to start anew in a strange and dangerous place.”
17 Ramadan is seeking asylum from Sudan, and the

deportation of asylum seekers from Israel is a disgrace
Is intended to raise funds for the struggle and to contribute to organizations struggling for their rights.
The entrance will cost NIS 30 (or a higher amount of your choice) and all the money that we manage to raise at the event will be transferred to the important bodies struggling for them.

At the event we will also organize an activist information booth, where you can understand how, when and how much you can help.

*** On Saturday, February 24, 20:00, the big demonstration, Levinsky and Chlenov will take place. Mass rally: against the expulsion – for South Tel Aviv

then – Friday in Pye, starting at 13:00!

Will appear and receive:
The Crotches Acoustic Live
Yuval Mendelson Live
Yaeli Dj set
Mahmoud Kelifa Live
Dream Boys Live
Ahal Eden Dj set
Alek Lee Dj set
Zoe Polanski Live
Eyal Rob Dj set
Jeki & Rimoch Live

The “Night Against the Expulsion” initiative was created following a desire that arose in the field of night life, as did many groups in Israeli society – high school students, Holocaust survivors, intellectuals, academics, pilots, business owners from various fields – Asylum seekers from Africa to a dangerous and unknown fate.
The basic moral imperative and the fact that many of the asylum seekers are in working relationships and friends with us, men and women of nightlife have so far led some 70 bars, clubs and organizations to join the initiative. We signed a petition against the expulsion and decided to organize an event this weekend to raise awareness and raise funds for the struggle.

Where your contributions will come from:
ESF is the leading organization in Israel to assist refugees and asylum seekers in Israel. The association offers psychosocial assistance and works to promote the rights of asylum seekers before the state authorities, including support and support for all those who need it: Thousands of women, men and children who face daily hardships and lack of access to means of livelihood or social services.

The Center for Refugees and Migrants is a non-profit, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the human rights of migrant workers and refugees and preventing human trafficking in Israel.We are committed to eliminating the exploitation of migrants, to ensuring a respectful and fair attitude towards them and to formulating a government policy that will ensure this. We wish to serve as a mouthpiece for those whose voice is not heard in the public sphere and to build a just, egalitarian and democratic Israeli society.

“organization” that was established at the end of January with the understanding that the key to stopping the expulsion lies in Rwanda, which continues to deny the existence of the agreement with Israel. The goal is to stop the expulsion through a series of demonstrations and protests against Rwandan embassies around the world that will continue until Rwanda withdraws from the agreement. We will know that this happened when people were not imprisoned because of their refusal to go to Rwanda.Within a week we have reached 17 major cities around the world, from Melbourne and Beijing, through Brussels and London to Washington, New York and Chicago. Help us expand to other places.

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