Fri 3 August 2018 | 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Agnes Pub Levinsky - Hakishon 7, Tel Aviv, FREE

The Night Colors Exhibition
The colors of the night.

The night has many colors.
Anyone who opened his eyes well could see them in the light of the streetlamps or in the gloom of alleys.
Maybe tonight they’re there and tomorrow they’re gone. If you’re lucky you might be able to see them the next morning too.
Their proximity can sometimes be identified by the addictive stench of gas or acryl odor in the air.
And sometimes the rustling sound of the marbles reveals their location.

The night has many colors.
If you notice them or not, they are there and always will be.

Exhibiting Artists:

Misk | Binsky Damian Tab | Imaginary Duck | Revzzz | Sasha Ana Kogan RRR | Monkey AdielBA MyHoverCraft | Rafi Baler | Joanna Karaseva Manic Porcupine
Keren Segal | Ishay Rozen | Eat Eye | MR Shir Lamdan Solomon Arc D.L.P | Lord of Lords

Leib will draw at the opening:
Drawing on the body at the opening:
Noia Cohen, Vale Mia Jaffe
Treasures and production:
Urbaniacs – Yoni Danziger, Oz Madar

Good music, a huge variety of beers, cool people and a beautiful painting!
What more is needed on Friday afternoon?
It will be hot and cool.

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