Sat 12 January 2019 | 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm
TEDER.FM - Jaffa Road, 9, Tel Aviv, FREE

~ An evening of live ensembles before breaking into the mind, pretenders on makeup who do it right, super producers in the making and selectors from the future A fresh harvest of plastic art, video art and young photography of the last ~

On Stage> Jared ★ Flowing Shapes ★ Maybe Danon ★ Moon Peck ★ Buddha ★ Coco Pops ★ Young Boys ★ Norse ★ Shogo ★ Prosper

About the position> Diwán Krew – Amitz ★ Kid Koko ★ Flyingflops

Exhibition with participation Ben Alon ★ Yuval Wolpe ★ Yonatan Reisner ★ Yotam Goren ★ Adam Roman ★ Avaiter Freeman ★ Shai Littman ★ Noam Gil Shuster

Sales Stalls> Daria Lior Shoshani ★ Ziv Sagi ★ Nasti Quinz ★ Shay Litman ★ Out Line Crew ★ Payne Hand ★ Fizze Ait ★ Lior Peled ★ Ori Ben Nathan ★ Michal Elyakim ★ Yuval Wolpe ★ Ben Alon ★ Sunshine De Sambon

Exhibition Curators> Shay Tra Litman

★ ★ ★

Every evening, every weekend, season after season in the ever-expanding bubble we read a scene, we see the same names circulating on the same platforms, behind the positions, in newspaper headlines, on the airwaves. The self-fulfilling prophecy – the one that says this is good, and what is good goes – permeates the collective consciousness of the local industry, and urges the young artists to act on the margins, directly against the fans, YouTube and Instagram, as their own media bodies, Bring home

There, in the places where there is not yet speech, but in the future, in the goddamned Sondeks, videos that run between friends, young Arab bands in satellite cities, on small stages that are momentarily entertained by the mike, Of them, are taking the form of a force that will conquer the central stages of tomorrow

The spark – which will take place at Beit Romano on Saturday 12.1 from 16:00 – is an event, or perhaps a kind of experiment, which promises to dive into the depths of the activity outside the radar, and to extract a distilled mix of young artists and artists – The age of the entrance to the Romano house – which had an inevitable but intriguing eternity, new, unique and even wondrous

~ The sparkling evening will include live, short and interesting performances in the square, all day long sketches, and a multi-participant exhibition in the gallery of the room ~

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