Tue 28 May 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Cinemateque - Shprintsak Street 2, Tel Aviv,

★ The next stage of documentary filmmaking! ★

28.5 || 20:30 || Tel Aviv Cinematheque Free entrance

Docaviv Festival is proud to present a series of short presentations of documentary works of a different genre – works that offer perspectives that expand the boundaries of the genre, combining disciplines, using exceptional cinematic language or innovative technologies

. For the art you choose by the viewers ~

Treasures >> Uri Levin and Tal The

Projects to be presented »

The Good Life Yuval Or, Margo Mesika, Roy Keidar – Imagine a world in which you receive a monthly stipend unconditionally How would your life have changed? Our relationship with money and work through the prism of basic income ~

Monumental <Tal Alperstein and Juliet> The Monumentalise is a continuous platform, a performance work that documents and reproduces the form of urban monuments through choreography. The movement is translated into training illustrations that are open to the public. The monument, whose essence is perpetually commemorated, meets the impermanence of the performance and the documentation of the video

. To their dismay, the truck warms up and they have to spend time with stories of chisbats around the finjan. Three modern adaptations of Bedouin tales combine Oriental Surrealism with

Saluki technology . At the end of a meal in the communal dining room, the table becomes a battlefield. The dishes and food residues are used to describe the course of a bleeding event. Around the table, four men reconstruct what happened in Lebanon years ago

Eilat Mimi <Michael Liani> – Eilat Mami is a psychedelic portrait of the southernmost city – LA of Israel. A desolate illusion of holiday, sun, recreation and luxury. Everything is allowed and everything is possible. The video is accompanied by Maya, a Tel Aviv girl whose foreignness in the local scene emphasizes the inevitable contrast – the

perfect crime – Hollywood editing is invisible, “theft” of the best moments. Robbery joint sounds and images and recombines them cunningly secret ~

Movie dangerous <Nir Evron> – “Dangerous movie” redoing disturbing film footage from 1948, recently found Lehi Legacy Foundation archives in Tel Aviv. The original raw materials were taken on neutral cellulose, unstable emulsion and forbidden for use ~ courtesy of the Lehi Heritage Foundation in Tel Aviv ~

Displaced Persons <Maayan Prinz> – an installation that observes images of childhood after war in a period of change and transition. The installation deals with memories, denials, silences and with the difficulty of telling a consistent and clear story to

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