Tue 31 December 2020 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Cheers Bar - Allenby 56, Tel Aviv,

Open 2020 with the Decade of Decades!
*** 1 + 1 on most alcohol all night! ***

Seal the decade with the best songs of all time for one particularly drunk evening! YES YES, THE BEST TUESDAY TRADITION IN CHRES ALLENBY ENJOY *** 1 + 1 OFFERS ON MOST ALCOHOL RULE FOR THE NIGHT !!! *** 🍻🍻 Because if it’s already 20 and Tuesday twice that well, we also deserve two drinks at the price of one πŸ˜‰

So what do we expect?
* Elvis and the Rock ‘n Roll Revolution of the Fifties 🎸
* The Love and Peace of the Sixties ❀️️
* The Groove of the Seventy πŸ•Ί
* The Wave and Glam Synth of the Eighties 🎹
* The Pop vs the Grunge of the Nineties 🎢 And Everything Happened Here For The Last Twenty Years (Anyone Understand What It Was?) 😁😁 The best of all will be concluded on the happiest and sparkling evening of the year, which will bounce your buttocks and throw you straight to 2030!
Let’s get ready because this is going to be a particularly long hangover πŸ˜‰

*** We’ve pre-booked a place to post!
*** Beginning 20:30

Come on mess πŸΎπŸ»πŸ•Ί

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