Mon 31 December 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Cheers Bar - Allenby 56, Tel Aviv,

Prepare the Martins and the Flannel shirt because we have no other choice but to part from the great year that we have been through and to inaugurate the year 2019 even more spectacular in the best way we know – the Nineties face! 

Brittany, Madonna, Nirvana, Baccarat, Spice Girls, Sheba, Tupac, Dr. Alban, Jay Lou and Co. will open a colorful and successful 2019 year and we will all dance and sing Hallelujah from Bat Yam to Oklahoma
Tonight, until the morning, so that we will not have a moment of trouble
On the DJ position known as the nickname Barak comes home to fly you back to 1995 

1 + 1 for most of the bar until 21:30 
Alcoholic specials and pampering all night
31.12 Monday Begin at 20:30

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