Sun 25 August 2019 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
The Kerem House - Gedera 18, Tel Aviv,

Join us Sunday, 25 August for a special night of healing, sister- and brother-hood, and empowerment through back-to-back practices of Yoga and introspective writing.

If you’ve ever taken a Yoga class before, you’re familiar with the open-hearted feeling often brought on by releasing stuck energy & giving the mind time to unwind. As a teacher, students often share personal stories at the end of a Yoga class, showing a side of themselves that I otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

Let’s tap into that energy and use it to jump-start personal growth. Combined with the energy of the New Moon, we’ll take a deep journey into the soul, giving you practical tools to utilize the energy of Leo through writing prompts and powerful intention setting exercises to further your spiritual and personal development.

In this workshop, you will channel your most empowered and creative self, empowering you to manifest anything you DARE TO DREAM!

*What to expect?*
>mindfulness-based meditation for grounding
>gentle warm ups to increase blood circulation
>pranayama to guide us through meaningful practice
>moon salutations to warm up muscles, lubricate joints, and connect to the moon’s energy
>asanas (yoga poses) to help us align with Leo’s energy
>guided savasana relaxation
>community building
>writing prompts to help you align with Virgo’s energy and tap into your inner divine!
>opportunity to share and support
>cultivate your own intentions to help you continue harboring Virgo’s energy throughout the month

No previous Yoga experience required.

This workshop is one of a kind. If you are interested in Yoga, and find that a “regular” class leaves you wanting more, this is the perfect opportunity.

*What to bring?*
-comfy clothes
-yoga mat (if you need one – please contact Rena by 12:00 on the day of the event)
-a vegan, peanut-free light snack to share!
-pen or pencil

Recommended donation 50nis

<3 , Rena & Zack – About the hosts: *Who is Rena?* I’m a spiritually connected, open-minded, Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga teacher with a BS in Elementary & Special Ed who has been practicing Yoga, Meditation, & Mindfulness for over 4 years. My passion is guiding people (like you!) on their journeys’ towards living their healthiest, happiest, most fulfilling, stress-free lives. All people should be fortunate enough to have access to a “toolbox” of strategies to turn to for grounding, support, & guidance, during life’s highs and lows. Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, & Writing are tools that have guided me on my journey and it’s a privilege to share these tools with others. My pleasure is watching people open up to the world of Yoga as they become more aware of their bodies and let Yoga changes their lives off the mat. I love when students share that they’ve practiced exercises from class at home or that their body parts feel more relaxed since beginning Yoga, or even after just one class. Like all self-care practices, Yoga is a process of healing – releasing traumas & blockages, making space for new energy to flow freely. I help people understand how to open physical blockages and then offer space to work through emotional trauma healing through therapeutic writing and conversation. Students (and me!) always feel safe, supported, and loved. *Who is Zack?* I am a calm and open-minded person who gains energy through connecting with others. I love to listen – to the things people have to say, the way that they present themselves, to nature, and to my own body. My education has been in health and medical fields, having received my BS in Kinesiology and my MS in Integrative Physiology. I love the human body, and am fascinated by how it works, how and why it doesn’t work, and the connection between body, mind and spirit. After several years of practicing yoga, I received a yoga teacher training certification through the Yoga Alliance and love to guide people on their own physical and spiritual journeys. Through practicing yoga alongside meditation and mindfulness, I believe we can become more self-aware and better suited to take on life’s challenges. And we can have fun while we’re at it 🙂 *About the Kerem House:* Kerem House is a community center run by, and for, the Tel Aviv community. The Kerem House hosts shabbat meals, lectures, open mics, classes, meet-ups, and much more. The space is also available for rent for private events. The Kerem House dream is to encourage entrepreneurship and leadership from Tel Avivians to run the events they feel would enrich themselves and their community.

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