Thu 26 March 2020 | 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Theatre Club - Sderot Yerushalaim 10, Tel Aviv,

Beetles, creatures and delusions are expensive. Please read the contract carefully to the end. Anyone who takes part in the journey may not return yesterday to the dimension of reality.

Welcome to the launch of New Born’s new album!

If you have come here, you are brave enough and passionate about music, you probably also understand that music is not just a collection of sounds but a world and other dimensions in and of itself.
This is not about a “trance party” but a psychedelic experience that will take you into a dimension where you will journey between darkness and light, meet disturbed characters that illustrate New Born’s new album and finally come out new to reality.
When you reach the dimension gate, you will meet the gatekeeper, your circus manager and facilitator for the evening. Take 2 minutes to listen to his explanations so you can find their way back at the end of the journey and not stay trapped in space forever!
By the time you enter you will already realize that you have left reality and normalization at the gate and somewhere else you did not know. Please, be kind to the creatures you will meet, they are here to smile and make you go crazy.

Once you have already contained the atmosphere, the real journey begins!

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