Wed 11 September 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Selma 148 - Selma 148, Tel Aviv,

The Shapirai Concert Line Nearby Music enters a steady pace of one month a month in an intimate atmosphere!

Starting The Habit With TM Street Band
Composer and composer and multi-instrumentalist Tal Messiah, who lives and works in New York, arrives in Shapira with an instrumental performance that includes trombone, harmonica and alto-sex.
The band, which regularly performs at prominent New York jazz and world music centers, will bring the Gypsy-Latin vibe to the neighborhood, combining old Israeli folklore with funk, jazz and blues.
Tal Mashiach

**** Attention! **** The
number of places is limited.
It is recommended to go to the attached link and book for yourself. There are discounted tickets for NIS 40 (instead of NIS 50 at the event itself) ↡

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