Thu 9 November 2017 - Sat 11 November 2017 | 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Metzoke Dragot - Metzoke Dragot, Jerusalem, From 370 NIS

18th Natraž Festival – Fly Over Life
9-10-11 /11

About the festival
The Natraj Festival celebrates 18 years and returns to the sources – from Metzuki Dargot, in the heart of the desert, on a cliff above the Dead Sea, one of the most breathtaking places in Israel.
The beauty of the festival is its ability to bring high-quality content with excellent workshops and instructors, and in the same breath for parties, concerts and lots of fun.
3 days in which another world was created, better and more fun.

Our theme this year
Each year we choose a central theme that accompanies us and gives the tone of the festival.
From year to year, we are surprised to find out how much of the impact the subject has on the festival itself – usually this is far beyond us. This year, the theme we chose is life, inspiration and creativity. Flying on life – as they are in essence – a complete creation that is created at any moment.

Natraj flying on life ‘spreads a broad sheet and offers a colorful mosaic, original and unique and especially close to the heart. The mosaic is one purpose, reach out and see where you want to touch life. Through something authentic and simple. Take even one thing from everything here for your life, take a lot more! We chose especially!

We go out for three days at our own pace, each according to what we want and can – the pulse of life is happening now. It happens now and we can do this wonderful thing, which we so love to do – shed unnecessary layers and connect ourselves. A beating heart, a breathing body. Courageously looking for what inspires us to live a life that is full and happy in our eyes.

It’s like this feeling of taking off clothes on a hot sunny day and getting into cold and fresh water.

We work on the program vigorously, and in each compound we take a beautiful trip for another, are invited to connect through where you feel, we tried not to be smart and to bring everything in an accessible and simple way – you have a place to deal with your skeleton, your mind, your heart, your palms, Yours, sexuality, food, touch.


The Dance Gate The Music Gate and the Performance The Meditation Gate The Relationship Gate The Therapy Gate The Gate of Consciousness Healthy Lifestyle The Gate of Creation and Imagination The Body Gate The Gate of Life and Inspiration


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