Wed 25 September 2019 | 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Dov Hoz Community Centre - Dov Hoz 16, Tel Aviv,

Tel Aviv is celebrating one of Israel’s most famous poets Nathan Alterman at this special event.

You can’t help but fall in love with Alterman. Join us in celebrating the launch of the city artist – Alterman year, and sit in the magic of melody – which we have in vain! Because the old-fashioned look also has a moment of

Thursday, September 25, at Dov Hoz Community Center (16 Dov Hoz Street). Starting at 7:30 pm

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* Outside Stars – Astronomical Observation with a Professional Telescope
Join the Astronomical Guide and the Poet Saar Will Prepare for the Journey of God ‘s Greatest Toys: The Stars.

* Gone to the City as a siren – a headphone tour following the “Summer Celebration” songs
that Alterman couldn’t hear at the meeting. Alterman has to go, and continue to walk, in the universe and in the city, in wonder over the bone of creation and of the bone itself.

* The Trio of Singles – Get the Alterman Hits
From “Still Playing” to “Parking Night,” DJ Rune Malkin joined a record session of all the Nathan Alterman hits, from all artists and of all time.

* Lyrics to this song Write – The Alterman Bookstore
Looking for Candles for All Songs of the Seventh Column? Looking to fall in love with “Stars Out” again? Look for the unified kibbutz publishing booths and an employee, with all of Nathan Alterman’s writings and website desires.


Ground Floor> Chrysanthemum Garden

* Pythagorean Theorem – The Forgotten Play by Alterman A
multidisciplinary show around Nathan Alterman’s forgotten science fiction play, “The Pythagorean Theorem” from 1965. Editor and moderator: Uri Aviv. Featuring: Mia Magnet, Uri Drummer and Oren Zuckerman. Excerpt from the play: Hila Goodie (Dina) and Yaniv Vinogradsky (Pythagoras). Rendering and directing: a kind of stone.

9:30 pm
Reflections on Alterman’s poetry
Poets talk about writing under Nathan Alterman’s long shadow and their relation to the great father figure in Hebrew poetry. Editor and moderator: Galia Bears. Featuring: Ronnie Somek, Noam Perthum, Tino Moskowitz, Gilad Meiri and Rita Kogan.

Ground Floor> Cyclamen Garden

* Fire, Wind and Songs – Nathan Alterman and Want
a multi-disciplinary show site around Nathan Alterman’s loaded and exciting relationship and his daughter Tirza. Editor and moderator: Yuval Avivi. Featuring: Noga Elblach, Nathan Slor, Tamar Moore Sela, Moti Zeira, and Eran Tzur.

21:45 Want
a site – a ballad for a woman A
show that opens a window into the world of the sensitive, unique and multifaceted poet wants a site. Featuring: Orit Peleg, Osnat Zivil, Itai Oren and Nathan Slor. Adaptations and Piano: Itai Oren. Edit: Osnat Zivil.

First Floor> Daffodil Garden

* Nathan would say – friends tell about Alterman
A rare opportunity to hear first-hand stories of the man behind the legend. Editor & moderator: Merlin & Nig. Featuring: Oded Kotler, Gabriel Moked, Aki Lahav and Gila Almagor.

* An Evening of Nostalgia with Talila Ami-Dror
A shameless show of self-pity, exaggeration and dementia with the Tel Aviv bohemian legend, Talila Ami-Dror. Join her on a journey that is all disgusting, with the songs we all love and all written – it turns out – on Talila herself. Creators: Jonathan Carat, Ariella Abramoff and Rum Shamir. Participants: Jonathan Carat (Talila Ami-Dror). The songs will be performed by vocalists Tom Cohen and Adi Ezra, and musicians Jonathan Leibowitz, Ziv Kaplan, Nitai Rach, Ruth Schultz and Inbar Sharet.

Ground Floor> Anemone Garden

* Still there is something about it – Alterman you did not know
Who was the poet named Nati Alterman? Who was the leader he used to call in the middle of the night when he got stuck in the “worlds of this world”? And what was the song he sent to Eurovision under a pseudonym? Yechiel Hermesh, a veteran of the Broadcasting Authority, on a fascinating journey following the stories behind the songs, while Michael Gottlieb, who worked, will play and direct them with the audience. Creators and participants: Nadav Perfume and Michael Gottlieb.

* The Great Debate – A genius poet or acrobat with a pencil?
Is Alterman a great Hebrew poet, our national poet, or is it just a rhyme? Four literary figures will flinch at one of the most serious questions that has been at the heart of Israel’s poetic discourse since the 1950s to the present day: Is Nathan Alterman indeed a great Hebrew poet since Bialik – or is it an exaggerated interpretation of mediocre readers who deceive an articulated glare and dazzling technique Of some brilliant beads? The “Bad” group will argue in praise of Alterman’s poetry, while the “counter” group will try to prove that not all the sparkle is gold. Editor: David Neo Buhbut. PRAYER GROUP: Contact Ehrlich and all of Sarloui. Countergroup: Eric A. And Orin Morris. Moderator: Oded Volkstein.


2nd Floor> Studio 3

* My Alterman
Public figures, journalists and artists talk about Alterman’s one piece that influenced their lives. Editor and moderator: Bethel Coleman. Participants: Ron Huldai, Fall Shapir, Asaf Talmudi, Or Edri, Aral Sgt, Galit Giat, Alma Zohar.

* Twisted and popped twice – Drag gestures to Alterman The
words sewing new clothes to the dress haunting character. Don’t worry. No good, will sparkle to glory Participants: Zoya Bronstein (The Artist Formerly Known as Anton) and Gil Noh (Galina For De Bra) Art consulting, video art and design: Michael (Mich) Rosenov.

Floor 2> Foyer

* Inn winds – performance art
interpretation of original and avant-garde director Frank Irit Natan Alterman’s play, “the Inn of spirits” from Ensemble Alterman project Hasimta. director: Irit Frank. Video art: Nimrod Zin. And affinity Michal Solomon. Cast: Sharon Langer and Irit Suki.

Floor 2> Studio 4

* Relax Shel Heldat – Alterman Academy
Short introductory lectures on the life, friends and works of Nathan Alterman. Editor and moderator: Yiftach Ashkenazi. Lecturers:
Professor Dan Laor, who wrote Alterman’s comprehensive biography, will present the major stops in the poet’s life path.
Prof. Ariel Hirschfeld will read one poem by Alterman and reveal his internal mechanisms.
Prof. Nissim Calderon will accompany the figure of Alterman, and show the connection between this figure and the harsh historical reality in which Alterman wrote in the 1930s.
Prof. Ruth Carton Blum will talk about the “togetherness” of Alterman-Shlonsky-Goldberg, which rebelled against the Bialik generation, and explain how Alterman became popular among its members.
Dr. Gidi Nebo will talk about his research on Alterman’s seventh column – and the relationship between the journalist and the poet.
Maayin Gelbard, who is writing a Ph.D. on a website, will close the relationship between the beloved poet and songwriter and her influential father.


Floor 3> Studio 10

* The Silver Tray
A theater segment by director Erez Hasson to sing “The Silver Tray”, from the Alterman project of the Alley Theater Ensemble. Director: Erez Hasson. Video Art: Nimrod Tsin. Music and Dance: Salmon Container. Choreography and Dance: Tal Elias. Play and dance: Gili Miller.

* The Plum Tree
Two sections premiere from the “Plum Tree” cabaret. Composition and playing: Canaan Levkowitz, vocals and acting: Eden Bar, Noam Brett, Moore Dimari, Ophir Tsigenbum, Yuval Kello. Director: Age of Sri.

* Poetry for Rent – Poetry Salam
Three poets from the spoken poetry scene in Israel will come up with their honed tongue to share with us pieces of Spocken Ward, street poetry, prophecies of rage and monologues that correspond with the poems of Nathan Alterman. Together with an attentive, spontaneous and dynamic musician, they created a one-on-one meeting of words and sounds between the past and the present. On the microphone: Pedro Grass (Amit Ullman), Zivia Margaliot, Yiftach Leibowitz. About the music: Yuval Bilgurai.

Floor 3> Girlfriend

from 7:30 pm
* Need to ring twice – rhyming game on the net
Do you rush better than Alterman? Probably not, but it never hurts to try – and so learn from the master. In the game, the participants try their rhyming power against each other – or in front of the virtuoso clay Alterman. Development and operation: Eran Hadas and Revel Sho’ali. Moderator: Eviatar Foxy (Kings 1 & Kings 2).

From 9:30 pm
* World and vice versa – Writing Workshop with Jonathan Levy
A practical writing workshop that will teach you how to create a poetic world like Alterman.
The workshop will not deal with the weight, rhyme, or altruism, but the magical power of the poem to discover – or create – the connections between the world and the human.

Floor 3> Meeting Office

from 20:00
* Meet No End – Menachem Ben explains and demonstrates the secret of Nathan Alterman’s magic in a one-on-one meeting. Ben will recite and interpret to you the most beautiful, memorable, and magical lines of the great sorcerer – and try to answer the question: What is the secret of Alterman’s magic?

Floor 3> Playing

at 7:30 pm
* The Song of the Night – Psychedelia Room
Electronic musician Nadav Ribu (Nadova) and artist Polyana Orr will open your mind in the psychedelia room. Because Alterman is first and foremost a psychedelic, mystical, shamanic and pagan poet. Enter a live audiovisual show in search of the elephants of the sky following the enigmatic, perhaps wonderful song, “The Elephants,” and devote to the colors and sounds of the cosmos.

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