Thu 7 November 2019 - Sat 9 November 2019 | 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Metzoke Dragot - Metzoke Dragot, Jerusalem,

Natraj Festival – Everything Is Possible
Dance, music and meditation in the heart of the desert
7-9 / 11/2019

in high cliff-top cliffs overlooking the Dead Sea three magic days occur.
A journey from music to dance, meditation to awareness and creativity, beautiful people and quality workshops with the most instructors and mentors. We chose everything to create the rainbow in this cloud, the Natraj festival.

Every year, the theme of the festival has been revealed to us a few months ago. But this year we struggled for a moment
and then we realized: “Everything is possible!”
All the possibilities exist all the time – at the same time.
It is our consciousness that ultimately chooses to pay attention to one possibility or another.

Natraj celebrates 20. It goes without saying and reminds us how much, everything is really possible.
The Indians live their lives this way: Sabkuts Milga! They remember not to get caught up in one reality or another, to live without expectations. Because every minute things change.

It makes life flow more, with fewer objections and certainly less disappointments.
Nine Gates Festival:
Gate Dance and Movement gate ♥ ♥ music concerts meditation exchange rate relations ♥ ♥ ♥ heart rate alternate cover natural gateway ♥ ♥ ♥ piece cover body hair ♥

Soon superior performances and a program central control

what else have we got there?
Hot showers and toilets | Camping Accommodation | Katernig Ayala – Chef Omar Tal | High quality chai compound | Compound Treatments |

200 first tickets for the festival, starting at 6.8 for NIS 385
Super sale: NIS 415
3.9 – Early sale and opening of a room sale through registration form: NIS 445
10.9 – Opening a telephone answer
24.10 until the festival: NIS 470
Children up to the age of 3 free,
from 4 to 13: NIS 170
Don’t forget to join the shuttle!

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