Sun 29 January 2023 | 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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We are excited to invite you to our One Year Celebration of Mystic Nights!

Throughout the past year, Mystic Nights have been a place for us to be playful and connect to each other and ourselves on a deeper level through a temporary heaven we’ve created in our beloved Sharabiya.

We are so grateful for the community that has grown so beautifully, it has exceeded all of our expectations!

🔮 Mystic Nights brings a new type of party to Tel Aviv. We take people on journeys to meet themselves and others on a deeper level. ⁣ 🔮

Our Nights begin with two separate ceremonies- Masculine and Feminine-where we connect to ourselves and each other through Cacao, meditation, sharing, and more!

We then join together and DANCE!
Ecstatic Dance is an invitation to dance like no one is watching you; without judgment, rules, or limitations. Come as you are and liberate yourself on the dance floor!

Upstairs is a Sacred Cuddle Space where you are welcome to connect and share love through consensual touch.

Our evenings close with a soul-healing sound bath where you can fully soak in the love, inspiration, and energy you experienced throughout this special night. Sound Healing is an immersive experience that utilizes the power of sound, voice, and vibration to shift your being into a deeper state of listening.


In order to keep our event safe and welcoming some guidelines must be kept:

If you want to approach, please contact me, and give me a compliment – you will need to ask first and get your consent.
Our space holders are there to keep you safe.
In the case of any type of harassment – please reach out to any of our team members, they will pass it on to the event managers and we will take care of the issue.

⭐️ Zero Tolerance ⭐️
Harassment of any kind will result in being escorted out of the venue and being banned from all future Mystic Nights. We will also contact all of our friends who create similar events to warn them about anyone who makes the space unsafe.


20:00 DOORS CLOSE + Ceremonies begin (please be on time in order to not disturb the ceremony)
21:00 Ecstatic Dance
23:00 Sound Healing

💃🏻 Dress code: we invite you to wear something comfortable, that you can move freely in and that makes you feel like your highest self!

Much love and see you soon Mystics!

Location: Sharabiya, Pinkhas Ben Ya’ir St 3, Tel Aviv

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