Thu 4 July 2019 | 11:00 pm
HaOman 17 - Abarbanel Street 88, Tel Aviv,

The feeling is that we sometimes live in a movie or a Truman show, no one puts us to be gatekeepers who decide what’s good and what’s not good, we can only invite you to midnight.

Cinema 17

from Music Tel Aviv.

One night the reality would surpass any imagination.

Welcome to Cinema 17,
at the upcoming event we have embroidered for you an event from the movies!
The cast cast consists of leading players who will bring you straight to the plot. This is the only movie where you will not go to commercials and soundtrack will lead the agenda of the evening. Let yourself release your mind and connect to the movie.

Main Actors:

Red Axes – New live Show The
role of the main characters, axes in red.
No one today is not aware of the eclectic phenomenon called Red Exes thanks to their unique sound and creative seal. While maintaining a facade of indifference to the media and the world can not resist their magic.
But they do not know that they recently worked on a new live show that will be revealed for the first time in Cinema 17 – Primera!

Konstantin Sibold as
the martyr of Stuttgart, Constantine Seabold!
While gaining titles as the most promising young artist, as the Grove magazine called him, he continues to produce wide-screen hits that simply crush world charts. Between the incessant melodies in Berlin Bergheim and the sexy bots of Ibiza, we managed to get him to take part in our film, it will be exciting.

in the role of the studs without an alibi – the Italian duo.
Fides are without doubt one of the most interesting and relevant names we could think of for such an evening. The entire electronic elite is praising their high level of production and excellent sound.
After a crazy year around the world and with stops in Tulum, Berlin, Paris, London, Mykonos and weekly thoughts in Ibiza they arrive at the main show at Cinema 17!

Tijana T
There is nothing like a mysterious heroine in a red dress or red hair for a good movie, the DJ who put Belgrade’s nightlife on the map, the famous and busy Serbian DJ of the time, with reflections in institutions like Panorama Bar, Spice, Outfoot and Robert Johnson alongside leading festivals, Hot collaborations, part of a distopian group, a vocal vocalist and a radio broadcaster and a valued music journalist.
One tigana tee is a red electrifying presence that will not give you peace. The main suspect!

Israeli Cast

Oron K (AlphaBet \ Pag)
Hercules Poirot of the underground world is embarking on a new research journey. I wonder what mystery he will encounter this time. Is it the mystery of the vanishing services or the horse that escaped without a leash?

Mosko (SunFlowers)
The man who was not there was a raid, but was in position.

Omer Bar (Rabbits In The Sand)
Shhh, this is the immediate suspect.

Alex Mazor & Ofer Holtzman
(Sunrise Kingdom)
Our detective pair, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, will analyze the situation. They will open in a midnight show.

It is time to buy a ticket and enter the main show,
we ask all participants to turn off the phones and keep the rules of our private cinema.

Remind you that the number of tickets is limited.
pleasant viewing!

• The event will take place at Haoman 17 Tel Aviv
• Entrance from the age of 23 and above
• Please listen to the instructions of the security forces at the site
• Keep your personal space in the yard
• Warm smiles are recommended.

• We are already tense, meet soon …

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