Thu 25 July 2019 | 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Atar - Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv,

In an ancient living room between the museum’s arches, with free beer and an intimate bouquet – Music Spot and a site project, they join in a series of performances by the most interesting young musicians around.

On 25.7 Adam Ben-Nun will appear
Jaffa Museum, the Gulf of Solomon Promenade 10.

20:30 – Opening Doors
21:30 – Performance

Adam Ben Nun is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, composer and electronic musician. He has been active in the music scene in Israel and abroad since the beginning of the decade and has appeared in international festivals and festivals (Supynes2017, Dual Sessions, ACUD Macht Nue) and created soundtracks for works of art and dance (including for the work performed at the Venice Biennial in 2017.) Albums on the American label Pinkbox Teleport, and received coverage in Tiny Mix Tapes and plays on important radio stations (BBC, WFMU). His album as a singer-songwriter was released on the label “Nana Disc.”

Ben Nun uses guitars in Ariton and Jast Intonation, In personal composition) in order to conjure monolithic essays with a harmonious essence S with a dark atmosphere that characterizes his work.

Music Spot is a special project that creates a space for musicians and artists in the field of music – such as musicians, composers, processors, producers, music directors, music bloggers and more. The project enables interaction between musicians from different fields in order to create collaborations or exchange ideas by the very fact that they are in one work environment.

The “Atar” project is a multi-disciplinary master’s program hosted and hosted by the Museum of Old Jaffa.

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