Tue 16 October 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Tahavat Center - Ahad Haam 23, Tel Aviv,

Bastian, a Dutch musician and spiritual guide, has been initiated for years in the jungles of Brazil.
He learned tribal poetry from the leaders of the Amazon tribe, the Yawanawa, which is intended to provoke a change in the depths of the soul and the heart.
Bastian is one of the Westerners who received the blessing of tribal people to spread their music around the world. He carries healing sounds and a rhythm that can only be created in Brazil’s vast jungles.
And now he is coming to Israel for an evening that combines music and spirit.

Together, we will embark on a journey in an ancient building more than a century old – including a study hall containing sacred books, and a performance stage – in the heart of Tel Aviv,
One night: a conversation about the heart, music from the Amazon, cocoa, and a little food and wine.
Autumn has arrived, winter is approaching, and we are preparing and setting our intentions.
On Tuesday, October 16 (just in the first quarter of the moon), we will embark on a one-night journey.

Who will guide the journey:
The man of sounds, Bastian, who will play and tune our feet and our hearts.
The knowledge hunter, Yuval Dayan, will talk about the wisdom of setting intentions, acceptance, internal inquiry, and on how to develop true faith in yourself.
Alongside them is Adam First, who has studied and taught various healing methods in the last 18 years. On his first trip to the jungle, he was touched by the songs and culture of Huwanawa, and since then he has devoted himself to deepening, learning and connecting with the tribe. For some time he has been developing various projects and supporting children of the rainforests.

The October moon is referred to as “hunter’s moon” – it is particularly bright, and in ancient times, it was the time of year when the tribes would hunt for the winter and also to store food for the winter.
We will gather at exactly 20:00, and at 20:30 we will begin to take off, when Dayan will come on stage together with Adam – both of them will speak directly to the roots of your soul.
Then, at precisely 21:00, the heart will open with the circle of Bastian’s sounds, into the night.

About the place:
The center of formation, which is located at the back of the Great Synagogue, is a spiritual center that combines performances, workshops, Kabbalah studies and an examination of various ancient traditions.
The hall, a space of about 200 meters with high ceilings and amazing acoustics, includes a study space and performances, and a wooden gallery that overlooks it all – in an atmosphere that combines holiness, spirit and day-to-day at the same time and place.

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