Thu 24 January 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Shaul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv, 95 NIS

“For me,” says Murray Hidari, “this music is a journey that combines individual and group meditation, and I am fed by the silence of the audience, by the air of the chair, by the air conditioner, by what I ate an hour before the show,

This is how the Hidari teachers define his performance, which is all improvised music that draws its energies from everything that surrounds it. And in Mori’s case, the whole envelope can be a concert hall, a beach, a pool, an old castle, or a small auditorium.
Every person in the audience influences the atmosphere, the material energy, the body, the breath, the spirit of the details, become a unique collective that can not be reconstructed, from which Murray draws his mesmerizing music.
The music in the show is accompanied by video art work that Mori creates himself.

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