Wed 6 March 2019 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Cafe Saga - Pinhas 4, Tel Aviv,

Every Wednesday at Cafe Saga – screening quality movies on a large screen.
And this time the movie is successful – Moonrise Kingdom !!

Somewhere on a small island in the northeastern United States, in the mid-1960s, before the innocence of Vietnam and the children of flowers, a group of American scouts children goes to summer camp, including Sam, a bespectacled and wise man of his age who has lost his parents in an accident and lives temporarily with a foster family. This summer, after meeting Susie who lived on the island with her dysfunctional parents and three brothers, he had met with friends in the past year, as only children could, and planned in detail a joint escape – a plan they carry out with a canoe, military penknife, Working on batteries, a suitcase full of books and a cat.

In the wake of the pair of “fugitives,” the local sheriff (Bruce Willis), an elderly and lonely bachelor, a junior scout (Edward Norton), the conflicted parents of Susie (Francis McDormand and Bill Mary), “social services” (Tilda Swinton) Lonely and a group of loyal viewers.

On the thin line between fantasy and reality Anderson is a pharmacist in the “Moonlight Kingdom,” which was chosen to open the Cannes Film Festival, a funny and heart-warming fairy tale touching the last moments of childhood and the power of young love that adults seem to tend to forget and disparage. The world of adults as only children and children see it.

Another charming and unique piece from the never-ending mind of the most graceful director in Hollywood. Anderson, an expert in telling the story of a film in unconventional, it controls easily in the medium, the story, his characters and the player (unbelievable that this first film of young players), and serves created a sensitive, emotional, optimistic, melancholy and most importantly particularly funny

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20:00 Start of screening
Entrance is free

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