Thu 1 March 2018 | 2:00 pm - 11:59 pm
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ACID PAULI:: Crosstown rebels:: Berlin
dOP LIVE:: Life and Death, Circus company:: France


ACID PAULI:: Crosstown rebels:: Berlin
dOP LIVE:: Life and Death, Circus company:: France

Sean Doron:: Monochrome::: Tel Aviv
Khen:: Lost & Found:: Tel Aviv
Juan Yarin:: Monochrome:: Tel Aviv
Adir Saraga:: Monochrome:: Tel Aviv
Chicola:: Lost & Found:: Tel Aviv
Stephan Bazbaz:: No Waves, Tel Aviv
Asael Weiss:: The Block, Tel Aviv
Uriah Klapter:: Correspondent:: Tel Aviv
Ray Harel:: Slippers’ Rabbits in the sand:: Tel Aviv
Omri Guetta:: Voodoo:: Tel Aviv

Following a brief winter intermission of artistic recharge, we are starting the year 2018 with a monochromatic Purim carnival, in a magical peace of heaven under the skies of Tel Aviv. The perfect garden of rocks will once again wear our monochromatic colors for an event nothing less than a world-class festival. the secluded trails of this beautiful garden will connect two kicking stages with the most accurate festival lineup. Combined with the perfect weather and inspiring costumes we are up for a hypnotizing journey in a parallel universe from noon till night time with super monochromatic art.
No date is better than Purim to put a hold on reality, dress up in the craziest outfits and party. Save the date: Thursday, March 1, 2018 – a national holiday and a full moon – time for Monochrome! A powerful world-class outdoor rave.
The rock garden, under the skies of Tel Aviv, amazing beauty ancient rocks, magical gardens, secluded trails and vast green carpets of natural grass. The perfect place for our monochromatic festival.
Monochrome Purim Thursday, March 01. We are starting 1 pm. Crazy costumes are MANDATORY, and early arrival is RECOMMENDED. Music until midnight.

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