Sat 7 March 2020 | 2:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Mondo 2000 - Levinsky 36, Tel Aviv,

When we got to the market we looked up and felt that the sky was the limit.

As we ascended the elevator and entered the world that is all Mondo – we immediately realized that this elevator has no boundaries, that the sky is just a connection on the way up. And
since then every weekend we feel in heaven, surrounded by clouds, angels, and bizarre creatures that interest,
music we love and divine food. ..

So in the coming Purim we decided to look for our wildest and most true imagination – to heaven in heaven – to give shape, color and tangibility to what we all feel every time the elevator opens.
(You are invited to dress up for things going on in the sky, but a cowboy, a nurse or anything else is lovingly accepted)

Chef Eliad will prepare some specials we will tell you about very soon.
The position in the living room will be manned by the highest-ranking convoy of server angels we could think of:

Yotam Avni
Uriah Klapter
Asaf Samuel & Hecitk
Ido Morali & Turgi
Orel O

Levinsky 39
Floor 6
Opening Elevators at 14:00
Entrance at 50 NIS in lists,
70 NIS for the spontaneous
4th floor goes surprisingly big.
We’ll meet in the clouds.

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