Fri 26 July 2019 | 1:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Mondo 2000 - Levinsky 36, Tel Aviv,

The Mundo does float in the sky, but it does not forget where it comes from, its roots lie deep in the land of Lewinsky, spread out at the bottom of the market.
The Levinsky market is amazing – the
smells, the colors, the spices, the heavy Persian accent, the olives, the grain.
Then you move to the next store, and again – the
smells, the colors, the spices, the heavy Persian accent, the olives, the seeds.
And so on.
There is a feeling that something is missing.
In the past year, a special phenomenon has been happening in the market – Linn Lin.
The black Pashinista filled the Tel Aviv buzzer with paint, and she always knew-
one day we would raise a dark -colored cloud over the neighborhood.
And this day came.

Lynn, who grew up in Kibbutz Petah Tikva, gathered around her a group of talented and inspirational fascinates and
together they bring themselves and their design agenda to the top of our rap.
The balconies will become one Friday afternoon, for a single shopping center of its kind.

Liinaf modes:

<> Macchia – by Ofri Cohen <>
Studio Local Design, lives and breathes fashion, fabric art and crafts.
With an emphasis on uniqueness, recycling and natural textiles.

>> MA Leather – by Michal Amar <>
produces handmade leather jewelry and accessories complement the colors black

<> KeKe Fashion – by Keke Buskila <>
brand of casual clothing and custom sewing evening.
Contrasts and textures, between high fashion and street fashion, a wide variety of items suitable for every day and place.

Second hand from a doctor:

<> Lin Lin <>
<> Mor Bell <>
<> Nadin Zak <>

The experienced and tropical DJ arrives for a homecoming visit after a long Ibiza tour and on the way to other crazy beaches, and stops at the roof to dress his style on clothes and accessories. And expansion.

Liinaf Culinary:
<> Dor Vanger & Noam Bublil <>
just before the generation leaves us to the next is a record!
And together with Noam, who is preparing the new Middle East of the Mundo kitchen,
they cooperate and that is ma’aleh lachach.

Fans, fans, air conditioners in the living room and umbrellas will be cool.
Levinsky 39
Floor 6
13:00 to 19:00
Admission is free!
No clothes.

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