Sun 26 May 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Hilton Beach - Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv,

★ Free screening of “Momentum Generation” at Hilton Beach ★

26.5 || 20:00 || Hilton Beach Free entrance

~ Docaviv are proud to present >> Screening on a huge screen of the surfing film “Momentum generation” in the open air and on the sea ~

About the film >>

The images of the huge waves, and the surfers winding themselves in virtuosity, are only a bonus. At the center of the film is a group of surfers who brought the surfing to new heights, but beyond their confrontation with the sea, the film deals with those wonderful moments when the human body conquers goals that seem impossible. The legendary Kelly Slater (11 World Championships) and his friends, all of whom came to the top of the industry years later, spent their youth at a beach house in Hawaii, directly opposite the Pipeline, one of the world’s most dangerous surf breakers. Their close friendship gave rise to their own private language, mutual support and challenges that took them to the edge. Their reunion, twenty years after, accompanied by archival footage from their most daring operations in the surf ~

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