Mon 25 September 2017 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Moishe House - Sderot Motskin 14, Tel Aviv, FREE


Look inside of your wardrobe, your apartment, look at the balcony. Do you have things that you do not need? It’s time to get rid of everything that just takes place. Let’s give the second life to our favorite things. Moishe House arranges a big market in the center of Tel Aviv.

Bring things that can be useful to others: jackets and dresses, shoes and umbrellas, shorts and t-shirts, books and watches, jewelry, magazines, toys, any other big and little things. In exchange, choose something that you like, and take it with you.

Each items that are not be sold we will donate to the charity fund.
During the sale we will have some wine, snacks and music 😊
You can start bringing things to Moishe-House now, in advance

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