Tue 28 March 2017 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
The White City Center - Idelson 29, Tel Aviv, FREE


A Rashomon effect of 1930-40s architecture in Tel Aviv | Moderator: Prof. architect Zvi Efrat
28.3 at 20:00 | Free admission
10 talks of 10 minutes about 10 architects: a Discussion-Blitz featuring architects who worked in Tel Aviv and presented very different versions of local modernism. We will try to intensify the differences and ignore generalizations in favor of pausing for a moment to analyze the particular phenomena that evolved here. Join us, who knows where it will lead.
Architect Oskar Kaufmann | By architect Sharon Golan Yaron
Architect Elsa Gideoni | By Dr. architect Sigal Davidi
Architect Arieh Sharon | By Prof. architect Zvi Efrat
Architect Erich Mendelsohn | By Prof. architect Alona Nitzan-Shiftan
Architect Genia Averbuch | By Dr. architect Sigal Davidi
Architect Yosef Berlin | By Dr. Baruch Ravid
Engineer Yakov Ben Sira | By Dr. architect Yossi Klein
Architect Leo Adler | By Dr. architect Yossi Klein
Architect Sam Barkai | By architect and urban planner Avi Mayer
Architect Richard Kaufmann | By architect Anke Kuehnel

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