Tue 13 August 2019 | 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Pele - Rival 25, Tel Aviv,

Hello brothers, sisters, tribe.

The deeper I follow the circles journey, the more I am exposed to the infinite depth of this being, created from the collective that we are, and witness to powerful healing and reflections that emerge during the journey.

As I continue in this way, I get to see how supportive and accepting the space is and how much the heart can open when we devote ourselves to the process.

Every time I am thrilled to watch the waves coming up through the circle – waves of contraction and relaxation, pressure and release, discomfort and spaciousness. An endless roller coaster in the theme park of the soul.
Just as in life – the magic lies in the fact that the more we surrender and accept the harsh wave, the wave that follows will be more powerful, more healing, more empowering.

I invite us, family, to another mutual journey. A journey in which we look at everything that will arise within us, and simply let them be as they are. Without judging them or us.
The space we will all create will contain so many brothers and sisters with an open heart and a common intention of love and unity, and will accept us just as we are, with all our strengths and fears, and thus allow us to feel more comfortable to devote ourselves to whatever is chosen and to express everything that comes to the surface. In so doing, we will inspire ourselves and those around us to shine the full light that we are, in honesty and authenticity.

We will open the evening with a ceremonial, hot and chocolates Cacao medicine by Tal Adar our Cacao fairy.
For thousands of years Cacao has been used by Native Americans as an aid in spiritual and shamanic rituals. It dissolves defenses and barriers, opens the heart and connects us to the here and now.

The circle will be accompanied by musicians which are an endless inspiration and example of giving and service to the space: ‏יובל מזמרטוב‏ (‏‎Yuval Kore Mezamertov‎‏) on percussion instruments, Maayan Stein on the flute, Ayala Ziv on the cello, Shacham Zach on the guitar and Evyatar Levi on the bass.

We will be hosted in the magical and inspiring space of the פלא in Tel Aviv (16 Paul Corr Street).
The space will be full of mats and pillows and has a charming garden with seating areas and sofas.
A little about the Pele:
A meeting and gathering place for all that theirs heart wishes to open, to connect and to love. Space for creativity, workshops, conferences, concerts, movies and events aimed at promoting love through tolerance and giving. A place to open the heart and head and to find other partners to build a better world.
An island of sanity and love in the heart of Tel Aviv.
The Pele is powered by a wonderful group of dedicated volunteers whose faith is loved. Is financed entirely by the contributions of those who come to its gates.

Participation is for 50 ILS as a recommended donation. At the same time, it is most important to me that we all will be together, everyone who feels the call. If there is difficulty financially wise, give us much as you can. the most important thing is that you will be with us.

19:30 – Opening doors, tea, coffee and hugs.
20:00 – Cocoa ceremony.
20:15 – The circle takes off.
23:00 – the end of a circle and the possibility of
a free jamming in the garden.

For any question or interest, do not hesitate
Yarin David – 0502789107

See you in a moment! @@ $!% @ # $ ^
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