Mon 17 February 2020 | 7:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Shevet - Paul Kor 16, Tel Aviv,


As I deepen my journey into the circle’s world, I find it increasingly difficult to find the words to describe the borderless potential which is allowed by the common space that we hold.

A space full of an inspiring human beauty and abundance of beautiful and loving sisters and brothers.. This is a safe and soft space that proves how possible it is to be reborn at any moment and to experiment safely to deepen in our openness, dedication and expression. A generous space of giving. a celebration of life and appreciation of the here and now.

All the above brings me to the realization that the essence of our gatherings is beyond music and words.
I truly believe that the essence of the circle is to be a playground for us to seek and find the sync with the movement that drives and navigates us. A movement that connects us to the natural desire to break our borders, to fly and to shine the light that we are without apologizing or compromising 💡☀️

I invite us, beloved family, to gather together on Monday, February 17, in the “Shevet” (Paul Cor 16, Tel Aviv) for a mutual journey of exploration, togetherness, with a common intention to be an open conduit and to allow ourselves to express whatever is asked from within.
I invite us to let the music and common voices around us to take us step by step back home – everything is allowed, everything is worthy, everything is right ✨🎶♾❤️

We will begin our mutual journey with a ceremonial synchronization, with the support of a rich, warm and stroking Cocoa drink by our wonderful Pãn TàRá Elisħəva.
Cocoa has been used for thousands of years among Native Americans in shamanic ceremonies. It opens our hearts and emotions, dissolves defenses and barriers and connects us to ye here and now 🍫🍫😍

We will continue to a singing circle with no known direction and no boundaries. A journey that we will all navigate together, listen to anything which arises from us and from the space.
We will be Accompanied by Masters in their field: Yuval Kore Mezamertov on the percussion, Tamir Kitay on the bass guitar, Ron Ash on the kamanche and תאיר מדהלה on the saxophone 🎶🎷🥁🎸

‏‎‏۞ Participation is for a recommendation sum of 60 NIS.
‏If any financial difficulty arises – please do not hesitate to contact me. I promise we will find a solution so we will all be together.

‏‎‏19:30 – Gathering, hugs, tea and coffee.
‏‎‏20:00 – Cocoa Ceremony.
‏‎‏20:15 – The circle takes off.
‏‎‏23:00 – estimated Finish. The invitation is to feel at home at the space, to stay and to meet new brothers and sisters (and deepen the connection with the ones we already know).

‏☆ We will be hosted again at the magical and unique space of the “Shevet” in Tel Aviv (16 Paul Cor Street).
‏The space is lush with mats and pillows and has a lovely garden with a chilling area and sofas. There is a free parking in the nearby streets from 7:00 pm.

‏For any questions, please do not hesitate:
Yarin Ben David – 0502789107

‏See you in a moment familyyyy 😍🥰❤️😁✨♾😻☀️💎

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