Wed 8 May 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:15 pm
Camel Bar - Ein Yahav, South Israel,

“Tradition is a system of culture – customs, rituals, opinions and beliefs, values ​​and rules of conduct – handed down from generation to generation in a particular group or society, and in fact tradition is the basis for defining the group, both externally and internally.”
How much these words have, how powerful and powerful is the definition of the word tradition. Because tradition is something that we create with hard work, faith, and respect for ourselves and those around us, and this is exactly what the Miri family in the desert sees before it – tradition
At the last event we had the pleasure of celebrating 5 years of activity for this thing called Miri in the desert, and we enjoyed seeing everyone dancing and smiling at every moment. The combination of the excellent music, the welcoming and loving audience, and the enchanting chameleon in which we are hosted, set the stage for us to start and create a tradition. A tradition of tribalism, of love, of human dignity to himself and his friends, of respect for nature, and of course of this wonderful music that we all love so much.
And now it is time to continue building our tradition and to gather again as a loving and smiling tribe in the heart of the desert, this time not only to celebrate life itself and the love of trance and nature, but also celebrate our beloved country 71 years
And even now, we will continue to express all the things that Miri regretted: love, freedom, trance, and the preservation of nature. At the last event we were very happy to see the cleanliness in the Khan where we are staying, and it is important to us that this time we will all be careful about this and keep clean, throw the trash in the trash, and of course we will continue to spread smiles in every corner and give good energy to each other.
We will get to dance, we will get free, we will unite with nature and wonderful music, and we will reach 20 hours of wonderful sounds that will penetrate us as deeply as possible into the soul
Our goal in Miri is to build a world, a world different from the rest, a world in which we will be able to expose you to new content, new energies, a sense of togetherness, tribalism, love of all music and of course love each other.
We have created a varied, psychotic, deep and hypnotic world with a line-up that is actually one beautiful and fascinating story:

LAUGHING BUDDHA United Kingdom Nano Reocrds

MIRANDA Sweden | Spiral Trax Records

OUTSIDERS VS. XEROX Sacred Technology

SKIZOLOGIC | Future Music Records

DEKEL Stereo Society

SANDMAN Future Music Records

ENTROPY Doof Records

GOROVICH Iboga Records

R-GAZ Miri In The Desert

LARCEUSS | Kilka Of Happiness

DANEDYN | Miri In The Desert

B.O.N.E | Miri Family

REA | Miri Family

BALADI Miri In The Desert

In addition, we will use another small and cool space where you can enjoy a little different music from a variety of styles, from techno and chill out to world music, punk and rock

And now you have a little administration to understand exactly what world we’re going to build for you
– The event will take place at the Khan Hammeleh, two hours south of Tel Aviv, which will be entirely for the use of Miri guests
– The duration of the event is 21 hours, the opening of the gates on Wednesday, 8.5 at 20:00, with the entrance of Independence Day, until 17:00 the next day (Thursday, 9.5)
– Tickets will be sold by pre-purchase at the link
– In the Khan area, you can find toilets and showers for your convenience, seating areas and chill corners with sofas and hammocks
– It is possible to rent tents for different sizes and at a symbolic price, you can do this by contacting one of the production staff or our page
– In the Khan area you will find a large camping area, of course you can bring tents and any camping equipment you want
– There are various stalls, and of course food stands with special dishes cooked in the Khan kitchen
– The Halperim who wish to assist us before, during, and after the event are welcome to contact us in a private message
– Even at the upcoming event, a safe haven team will be with us to help anyone who needs it if necessary. Feel free to help this wonderful group of people

The quality of the sound has always been something that we do not compromise on Miri, and this time we enjoy the Funkash Wan system
In terms of scenery, your imagination can work overtime, we have a feeling that we are not far from it

Before concluding, a number of rules we wish to honor so that we can enjoy the ideal place that hosts us with all our heart, and of course in order to respect those around us and return home safely
– The event is an approved event organized by all relevant parties
– Do not put sharp tools, drugs, cans, glass bottles, and gazelles into the Khan area
– Do not set fire to the Khan area
– No animals are allowed into the Khan area
– Entrance to the event is from the age of 21 and above, and the presentation of an identity card only
– The number of tickets for the event is limited according to the Khan’s permits
– The tickets can only be purchased at the link on behalf of the event or through one of the production people
– In case of cancellation or transfer of a ticket, one of the production personnel may be contacted

And again, one more personal request from you, our dear audience
We really love nature, not as a cliché or to please someone, so let’s keep it clean, honor the Khan that hosts us and the garbage we throw in the trash

They are friends, all that is left is to prepare for an exciting and sweeping experience, a tremendous and tribal energetic experience,

See you soon
Miri in the desert

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