Fri 14 February 2020 - Sat 15 February 2020 | 6:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Khan Gamalia - Ein Yahav, HaDarom ,

There are not many words that express something very special, something very specific that the human soul wants to express as we sat and thought what word could match our events at this time of year, we searched nonstop until we found – APRICITY. They say this word is taken from the Latin language at all, and over the years it has rolled And came to the English language, and the word means “the heat that comes out of the sun in winter.”
So accurate, so true, so pleasant

The winter sun in the heart of the desert is pleasant, caressing, loving, soft, just the sensations we want you to feel when you come to Miri.

After 6 years of doing it, we feel more than ever what the power of a true tribe, a united tribe, a tribe that drives more and more people who want to dance, smile, feel, rejoice with, and
the joy of the upcoming event, will symbolize more than anything. You are all alone. The root music that will connect us to the land, the desert, the surrounding landscape.
You’ve already figured out that with us in your smiles and fun shoots in the plaza and beyond, they are above all
seeing you dancing, having fun, with one big tribe – for us that’s all.
We will continue to respect nature, the Camel Khan that already hosts us for the fifth time, to respect each other, to keep clean, to enjoy music at the highest level, to continue to maintain a loving and safe personal space, and to a warm and embracing space.

And as always, music is of utmost value to us, and again this time you are expecting a sweeping and exciting musical journey on 2 amazing expanses, with artists chosen specifically for such an event:


MANMADEMAN | Retro Set | ECHO Booking

ROCKY BACK | 2 Hours Set | Iboga Records

SHIDAPU | Zion 604

VOLCANO | Sacred Technology


NATIVE | Phantasm Records

GULA-K | 2 Hours Set

KEREN RON | Northern Light

R-GAZ | MIRI In The Desert

GANA-EDEN | MIRI In The Desert

BUN BUN | Ahava Productions

CHUKA | Frequency Pro



BASHER TO | Merkaba Music

N.SOF | Zion 604

BZB | Shwaya Sound System

GAIA | Kali Patrol Records

ALTEREGHOST | Downtempo Live Synth Set

BALADI | MIRI In The Desert



and now a few important procedures and some administration for you dear audience:

– The event will take place in Camel Khan, two hours drive south from Tel Aviv, all of which will be exclusively for guests’ use
– the duration of the event 22 hours, opening gates on Friday, (14.2) at 18 , Noon to 4pm the following day (Friday, Feb. 15)
– Ticket sales will be made by an early purchase at the link attached here in the Evening
– In Khan’s area you will find neat toiletries and showers for your convenience, seating areas, and chill corners with sofas and hammocks
– you can rent tents for accommodation of various sizes and at a nominal price, this can be done by Contact one of our production staff or stands
– in the Khan area you will find a large and extensive camping area, of course you can bring tents and all the camping equipment you want
– instead you will find various stalls and of course food stalls with special dishes cooked in the Khan kitchen
– helpers who will help us before the event, during , Followed by welcome to contact us in a private message
– tonight at It will be cold, so it is highly recommended to bring warm clothing for your convenience. Of course we will light a big fire and there will be stoves scattered around the Khan area
– In the upcoming event the “Good People” team will be with us to help anyone who needs if needed, feel free to help this wonderful group of people

with sound quality has always been something we have not compromised on Miri, and this time enjoy 2 accurate and high quality systems in 2 different extensions The
world of decor this time is going to be very special, with special touches, with lots of different colors and with a beautiful VJ show during the night

before finishing, a number of rules we should respect so that we can ideally enjoy the place that hosts us wholeheartedly and of course Respect those around us and come home safely
– the event is Ir And approved and regulated by all relevant factors
– Do not bring sharp objects, drugs, cans, glass bottles, and gases into the Khan area
– Do not set fire to the Khan area
– Do not bring animals into the Khan area
– Entry to the event is over 24 years of age and only show ID
– The number of tickets for the event is limited to 500 participants depending on the Khan’s credentials
– The tickets can only be purchased at the link provided by the event here or through one of the production staff
– in case of cancellation or transfer of ticket you can contact one of the production people

, and again, another one request custom converters to you, dear audience with our
We really truly love nature, not cliche or to please someone, so let’s keep it clean, respectable Khan hosted by us and the garbage we throw in the trash

That’s friends, All that’s left is to prepare for an exciting and sweeping experience, a tremendous energetic and tribal experience,

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