Thu 9 March 2023 | 6:00 am - 11:45 pm
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You already know us and you know that we only exaggerate from time to time
And this year – oh what a Purim it’s going to be, we’re overdoing the lineup (wait wait),
We exaggerate the setting, of course we also exaggerate the amplification, and you?
All you have to do is exaggerate the costumes and the joy and come to us
With the energy of the best holiday of the year!

What holiday is more fun than Purim? There is no such thing.
By then winter will be coming to an end, the days will be longer, more hours of light in the square
And the music that is detailed on the strings of love,
Energies of a home, a warm and loving hug from the sound systems,
And a crowd of people you probably wouldn’t meet anywhere
Besides the expansion of the Miracle that really works magic!

An extraordinary team of artists is going to beat the Miracle Orchestra for long hours.
Hours of precise, powerful and exciting music.

Do you know what we love most about Purim?
Even though it sounds the funniest thing ever, it’s the only holiday where there are no masks…
You can be the most you in the world, without anyone being able to judge
Or look at you differently.
Celebrating the holiday in the most amazing, satisfying and colorful way.
Allow yourself to enter the most extreme and special costumes you have imagined!

The event will take place about an hour south of the big city in an open location under the sky, allowing us to be free and completely free,
When beautiful green nature surrounds us from all sides.
You will have a camping area shaded by trees so prepare your camping equipment.
And most importantly, we are returning to Mother Earth!

The event is approved by all the relevant parties and nothing will be able to hinder us.
Entry to the event is conditional on clothing appropriate for the holiday of Purim and costumes only!
Ticket sales have started, see you in the plaza ❤️

Love the Miracle family ❤️

Procedures for entering and staying at the event:
*Entrance to the event is conditional upon physical presentation of the ID/license/passport only.
* Photographs of certificates of any kind will not be accepted in any way!
A buyer who presents only a photo of a certificate will not receive a wristband for the event and will not be allowed to enter the event website!

:Cancellation Policy
*Tickets can be canceled up to 30 business days before the date of the event, or up to 3 business days from the date of purchase
Any buyer who requests to cancel the tickets after that, will not be able to do so.
In accordance with the policy of the law for consumer protection and according to the emphases accepted in the law in Israel.

: The above things cannot be brought into the event in any way

*Weapons (including permanent employees, police officers and members of the security forces who are not on duty,
gun owners with a private license, etc.).
*The introduction of liquids of any kind is prohibited
*Sharp objects of any kind (including cutlery, metal skewers, scissors, etc.)
*Glassware and all types (including plates, cups, hookahs, etc.)
*Means of combustion of any kind (barbecues, gas grills, hookahs, fireworks, etc.)
* Bringing animals of any kind, including dogs, into the event location is strictly prohibited!



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