Fri 25 January 2019 | 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
African Studies Gallery - Rothschild 46, Tel Aviv,


The African Studies Gallery and Kuchinate – African Refugees Women’s Collective, are pleased to announce the opening of an ex ‘Vodou Flags’,hibition of outstanding Haitian Vodou flags along side new works that were created by Kuchinate especially for the exhibition.
The African Studies Gallery invited Madam -Moreau for two weeks, during which she will create artworks with the women’s collective applying techniques used to create Vodou flags. The workshop at the Kuchinate studio in 104 Sderot Har Zion St. in Tel Aviv, which will be open to visitors seeking to learn about the work process, will host artist Zoya Cherkassky and Gil Yefman, who will illustrate the flags together with the Kuchinate women.
Vodou Flags will focus on a key feature of the art that accompanies the Vodou rituals: flags used to summon spirits. The exhibition will present 25 flags by leading Vodou artists from Haiti, made in mixed techniques such as embroidery, bead weaving and sequins.

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