Thu 19 July 2018 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Frenkel 11 - Frenkel 11, Tel Aviv,

Dear beloved and beloved,

*** We organize you a beautiful and wonderful meeting of Mindfulness on the roof at sunset ***

Gathering – 19:00
The beginning of practice
*** Come on ***

Mindfulness is actually attention (attention) to what is happening, outside and inside.
Practice allows us to pay attention to the experience of this moment, without judgment and curiosity and acceptance. Most of all, we are dealing with a real and deep process of getting to know ourselves.

It is an invitation to stop and go inside, to observe our experience and just pay attention
What’s happening to me now?
What feelings are present in the body?
What happens with emotion and thought? Contraction, expansion, tension, speed, desire to change, desire to be ….?
No matter what happens, is it possible to be with it for a moment, for a few seconds? Just stay with what is happening and pay attention, without judgment and with tenderness and tenderness toward ourselves.
Treat yourself as if you were your best friend (maybe someday you will) …

Consciousness may wander into thoughts and we will return it to the breath or body and simply notice, over and over.
This way we can know ourselves better and when it comes to difficulty or unpleasant feeling to choose an appropriate and useful response to us, instead of going straight to our automatic patterns.

Meditation and Mindfulness are actually brain training, through which we can pay attention to what is happening now. We will be able to examine patterns of thinking that serve us less, to know them, and to choose better responses. We will learn how to deal with stress in a beneficial and conscious manner that supports us.

*** The meeting will be devoted mostly to practice.

We will practice meditation in all forms – movement, sitting, lying down, walking, awareness of breathing or more open awareness.

* There will be room for sharing and questions about the practice, for whom it fits and more … and will be fun and wonderful 🙂
I will explain a little about the courses that I teach to deepen the practice – the course will open in October.

Mindfulness training has been studied (over 4,000 scientific studies) and has had many beneficial effects.
Positive changes that can be seen after (and on) the course:
* Reducing stress and anxiety
* Improved attention and concentration
* Relief in dealing with pain
* Strengthening mental strength – coping with difficulties
* Higher sleep quality
* More creative thinking

Cost – 50 NIS

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