Sat 7 April 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Pasaz - Allenby 94, Tel Aviv, 50 NIS

♛ My neighbor, even if you were standing in front of her and shouting loudly in her official name
“Zahava!” She would never have answered you. Her real name is Georgette and there are those who swear, in the book of books she was the fashion compass in Casablanca.
It is said that she would walk with a silk-embroidered silk skullcap, large pearl earrings that looked like Andy’s dreams in the distance, her fingernails were red and hot black she would receive from Paris from her cousin Marceline and she would stand and spread smiles and love as if she were packed and glittering in the streets of Der- Which they used to produce only for her.
The king’s emissaries who would chuckle after her, she would scare away the masses of gold bracelets in her hands that would be heard from a distance and reach the ears of their jealous wives.
Admit it is also a method.
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♛ Mimouna has already become a national holiday, and non-binding hospitality in Pasaz has become a tradition that has grown from year to year
Haim Oliel – a band of lips The godfathers of North African music, the groundbreaking of the muscular music and the Moroccan rock n ‘roll, in which the rock guitars and the wonderful, one-time voice of Haim Uriel mix to another special Israeli sound and unite them all

♛ Before after the position Black Lulu and Almog to bar Moroccan Moroccan Bling Blang in Long

♛ Emptying soul and life

♛ Beat and eat!

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