Thu 6 October 2016 | 6:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Ronit's Farm - Kfar Shmaryahu, Kfar Shmaryahu, From 120 NIS


The “Decompression” is the peak event of the Midburn community, apart from the Midburn event itself. Every year, for 12 hours, we are trying to recreate a small piece of the Playa.
The Decompression event is part of the Burner tradition, and was born out of the need to balance the pressure (or – decompress 🙂 ) between the Burner world and the regular world after Burning Man is over. Its American version is held about a month after Burning Man.

Our Decompression is traditionally held in October, 4 months after Midburn.
Months have passed, everyone already decompressed and even the dates for Midburn 2018 were already published. So this event is not so much for decompressing but more for creating and containing the excitement and anticipation of what’s to come.

So this year we decided to reinvent it. To be more precise. And here it is: The October 2017 event – the Sandbox.

What does it mean?
On October 6th, we’re going to create a piece of the Playa in Ronit Farm, and inspired by last year’s Decompression theme – build a playground where we try new things, get excited towards the big sandbox experiences in Midburn 2018 and play together all night long!

Yes, an actual Playa piece, with all the camps you know, new camps, open spaces for practice and art and all sorts of strange and different things that you (yes – you!) are going to bring with you!

How is it going to be?
Ok, so imagine the Playa, a huge playground filled with different areas that are created by the theme camps and the artists. You enter through the gate, get a hug and a briefing from the Greeters, walk past sound stages, theme camps and art installations try new things or things you’ve done before, get a little messy, start creating and getting inspiration. You can meet old friends and new people, start talking with them about anything, and then go, with or without them, to the next booth to get spanked and a have cold drink, say hi to the Nomads and continue exploring the rest of the playa we built for ourselves – for 12 hours!

In short – a sandbox area with endless possibilities.

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