Sat 15 October 2016 | 6:00 pm - 11:59 pm
xRonit Farm - Ronit Farm, Ronit Farm, 145

On October 15th we are going to bring a piece of the playa to Ronit farm and build our very own playground where we will play all night long!

Yeah, you heard it, an actual piece of Midburn with theme camps and art installations and all kinds of shenanigans that you (you, sitting there reading these lines!) wil bring along!

What does that mean?

Imagine a fair, filled with different booths set up by your favorite theme camps and all kinds of crazy art.

You enter the gate, receive a hearty hug from the greeters and go on to visit one of the sound camps, go in to lend-a-friend booth and lend a mildly interesting and intellectual conversation buddy with whom you pass by HOME while saying hello to the nomads on shift, and from there – you have the rest of our 12 hours playa to explore!

So, if up until now the Decomp was a big party, it’s going to be so much more…

Ticket sales will have 2 tiers, pay attention to the dates and number of tickets:

First 2000 tickets, or until midnight of September 28th (the first to arrive): 125 ILS
September 29th and onwards, or after the first 2000 tickts: 145 ILS

We are going to have about 4500 participants!

To get your ticket go to the profile system- and get yourself a ticket!
If you don’t have one, open one now!

)’( )’( )’( Participation – Participation – Participation )’( )’( )’(

During the event brave volunteers will man the gate, greeters, nomads shifts and are going to build stuff!

Want to volunteer? Fill out this form.

As said, theme camps and art installations are going to fill up our playa with magic, theme camps will set up booths, areas where the camp is free to offer its gift to the events participants.

Want to set up a theme “booth”? There you go.

Want to bring an art installation?

(For english speakers, we have yet to translate all the forms, so if you’ll google translate them for now)

There will be an option to purchase drinks and food at the event, prices will be published towards the event itself.

Be sure to bring:
A photo ID, print out of your ticket, YOUR CUP, something to gift and maybe something to put on because it may get chilly.

Luv ya like the top of a muffin,

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