Tue 12 March 2019 | 10:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Duplex Club - 10 HaShakh Street, Tel Aviv,


★ METAMORPHOSIS: Purim 2020 – 3 Floors of Magic ★


Play with your past, present, and future as we take you on a mystical journey through three floors of METAMORPHIC MAGIC. Make your dreams a reality. Transform yourself. Express your deepest desires. Let out your inner child. Imagine the whole world at your fingertips, because on March 12, it will be.

In just a moment, your life can change forever. All it takes is one new connection, one wide smile or one enlightening conversation. One fluid dance move, one fresh sound, or one taste of a new idea. All it takes is one dose of inspiration to shift, expand, and transform your life. So darlings, we invite you to The Metamorphosis. We invite you, beings who desire expansion, seek higher living, live with open hearts.

One night. One celebration. Three floors. Experience the magic during the most epic holiday in the Jewish calendar in the most epic city in the world. Enter our world, elevate your senses, smell the love, see the magic, and hear the sounds that remind you of who you were, who you are, and who you will be.

Designed with intention. Crafted with magic. Hosted with love.


Ground your soles and lay your foundation as DJs flood your eardrums and groove fills the dance floor. Each hour – a new decade. From the Beatles and Michael Jackson, to NSYNC, to that good, good 90s Hip Hop, enter the first floor of Metamorphosis and feel the nostalgia in the air… and in your hair!

✦ Line Up

Shlomi Levi
Tal Gufin
DJ Lian
DJ Harel

♫ This floor’s music will be brought to you by the notorious Joy Records. One of Israel’s prominent record labels.



The present invites you to melt into your deepest state of flow. The time is NOW, in fact it’s always NOW. Release the past and the future. Relax into the moment. Lose track of time. Let time lost track of you. And feel the gifts of presence as we move to the best music of today.

✦ Line Up

DJ Hadar Sharir – HODAR
Dj Noa Brodezky



The best is yet to come. Peer into the crystal ball, expect the unexpected, and prepare for live art, futuristic beats, and healthy food (you may need to take off your mask to taste). On the third floor of Metamorphosis, become the change you wish to see in this world. And listen to an exciting lineup of some of Tel Aviv’s best live performances. Artists who surely are the future.

✦ Line Up

Hacol Beglal Jenny
HaYeladim BaYeor
Anat Nabi
Legit Party Camel
Ari Saponar
May Lavie
Ron Peretz
Venus Envy

♫ This floors live performance is brought to us by Hounds of Love, an artist’s collective that emerged from the live music scene in Kerem Hateimanim, offering a platform to Israel’s best up and coming artists.



Just A Moment’s inaugural party takes off from the runway at 11pm on March 12th. We’ve lined up DJs of all flavors, live bands, secret art, and Purim’s first ever plastic free party! Oh, and did we mention water is free too?

OH, and one more thing darlings…Keep your eyes open for The Butterflyz, who will be flying and sparkling amidst the past, present, and future, dropping doses of magic, love and shine on all those they encounter. We have a number of keys to share, which will reveal a whole new world of open doors, secret spaces, and transformational opportunities. Are you ready to experience the Metamorphosis?

We’ve been waiting for you too 🙂


Tickets: 50 NIS (Price will go up very soon)


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