Wed 10 July 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Mahane Yehuda - Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem,

Highway One group of very excited to present:

★★★ Meir Banai – Birthday ★★★

On the eve of the 59th anniversary of Meir Banai,  a special concert with Meyer’s special songs and some of his closest friends of Meir to sing them.

With: Alma Zohar – Alma Zohar ★ Aviv Bahar- Aviv Baker ★ Noam Rotem – Noam Rotem ★ Elisha Banai & The Forty Thieves – Elisha Banai and the Forty Thieves ★ Shlomo Bar – natural selection Chapter ★

opening show original: Spring Baker

Wednesday 10.7 at 20:00 Beit Jerusalem Alliance Patio

Tickets for a few moments:

This is just one evening out of a whole week of performances and psychotherapy – we will be dripping the secrets slowly over the next few days, stay with us !


★★★ About the festival ★★★ The

veterans of the box – a music festival that comes out of the word. The festival focuses on texts carved from the rock of the Hebrew word, created from the depths of the soul and existence. During the festival, a tribute event will be held for the greatest artists and for Israeli masterpieces dealing with the roots of local creativity.
The festival is independent and takes place in the courtyard of the Alliance House in Jerusalem at the initiative of one road group.

★ two 8.7 – Hargobim ★ tribute to Sasha and Zohar Argov ★ eve of the festival from the box
★ Tuesday 9.7 – Tirza Atar and Natan Alterman ★ Endless Encounter ★ Festival from box
★ Wednesday 10.7 Meir Banai ★ Birthday ★ Festival from box
★ Thursday 11.7 – Hebrew it My blood ★ Live performances and burning texts into the night ★ Big
★ Thursday 11.7 – Dvekut 5 ■ Letters flying in the air ■ Beit Alliance


★★★ Meir Banai ★★★

rain that
has been falling for years I have been wandering the streets
to rest, to the land
to rest,
looking into your eyes, your
arms in your arms,
I know that I will stay with you …

‘Rest’ was the first song published by Meir Banai. With the same honest and exposed words and with that fragile and close poetry, Meir Banai continued to create, compose and write dozens of exciting and powerful songs. Songs that became the soundtrack of the eighties and nineties such as “Rain” “Gate of Mercy,” “Short Love,” songs that broke the way to the wave of piyyutim that broke into the Israeli mainstream at the end of the millennium like “Lech Lei” and “Shema Koli”. In his music there is always a truth, a deep, gentle cry, a person’s longing for his inner journey to the redemption of the soul and the soul.

Meir died at his home about two years ago after dealing with a serious illness.

We are pleased and grateful for the privilege of making an evening for such a special and internal person. In the evening we will host some of his good friends who will talk about Meir.

★★ Opening performance – Aviv Bachar ★★★

After 6 years ‘2 albums’ and songs that entered through many doors and hearts in Israel
(‘In the days that will pass us,’ ‘Sailboat’ ‘A child of quiet storms’ The partnership with Hadas Kleinman

Aviv Bachar
moves to the foreground
and brings you
new and naked songs.
A solo and one-time exposure to the songs of the solo album, which will be released by Roy Hermon
in the coming months.

(* And of course will play some songs from the past ♥ ️)

Bandkamp of pure beauty:


★★★ Tickets are kidnapped ★★★

One evening at the festival: 70 NIS in advance sale / 90 NIS afterwards

Entering the four days of the festival + After Dvekut until morning light: 120 NIS “Early sale / 180 NIS later


Design: Erezoo
Endless consultation and excavation: Ariel Warschner, Neve Klil Hahoresh, Uri Kadishai (who will also do Sound
Production, Artistic Management, Amplification, Carrying Chairs and Endless Passion: One Highway Gang
Production reserves the right to make changes.

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