Fri 15 March 2019 | 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Nalaga'at Center - Nalaga'at Center, Tel Aviv,


The law of flattery in Miri Regev’s culture was dropped from the agenda, in the hope that it would always be. But we must move on to make culture and its needs part of the election campaign.

Most of the time the representatives represent us when our ability to influence them is limited, but only in the pre-election period is the maximum attention of the parties and candidates. This is the period in which if we act efficiently we can achieve the best achievements for Israeli culture. It is our challenge to present the culture of the election campaign and make it one of the main issues on the agenda.

In the past four years, culture has served as the punching bag of the minister in charge. Sarah was busy attacking culture and creating headlines on her back, much more than concern for her advancement. While other ministers struggled to advance the areas they were entrusted to, Regev spent her time battling the culture and the artists. A struggle that de-legitimized culture in all its various forms has impeded the activities of cultural bodies, artists, artists and performers, and harmed the ability of Israeli citizens to enjoy a diverse and rich culture.

The election period is the time to act to change this reality. It is time to demand that each party commit itself to culture. To commit to act for the consumers of culture, the people of culture, for the soul of Israeli society.

To demand that the parties ask the Ministry of Culture, not to fight the culture, but to help it.

The right to culture is a basic social right, which grants everyone the right to take part in the artistic work and the right to access cultural activity in all its forms. This right is no less important than other rights, and therefore it is our job as creators to act in order that the parties and elected officials will be committed to it and promote it.

In the coming days and weeks, we will need your help and mobilization. Help creative ideas. Writing articles, posts. Your help in participating in events, meetings with politicians and more.

We take a short but important journey. During which we seek to achieve the commitment of the various parties to the values ​​of the cultural platform we formulated.

We will soon present you with a list of events and activities and will discuss any idea, help, presence.

It is time to demand from the politicians a commitment to culture.

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