Thu 21 September 2023 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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We are happy to invite you to this year’s main conference to mark 20 years of fruitful and blessed activity.
At the conference, we will hear lectures from the best researchers, lecturers and therapists in the field of medicinal plants in Israel, we will hold a recognition ceremony for the founders and veterans of the association and we will meet as a big family to review together our path so far and draw inspiration for the rest of the way.

In the program:
An in-depth seminar on AI’s medicinal plants and lectures on ethno-botanical research, clinical use of AI’s plants, medicinal plants in sources, cultivation and collection, restoration of medicinal plants and conservation.
Recognition ceremony for the founders and veteran activists.
Coffee and lunch breaks for my friends meeting with colleagues
Don’t miss an opportunity to learn, meet old friends and celebrate together the achievements of the association in the last 20 years.
The number of places is limited, so it is recommended to register in advance.

For the full program and registration go here
For registration and inquiries call 058-7256782

讗谞讜 砖诪讞讬诐 诇讛讝诪讬谞讻诐 诇讻谞住 讛诪专讻讝讬 砖诇 讛砖谞讛 诇爪讬讜谉 20 砖谞讜转 驻注讬诇讜转 驻讜专讬讜转 讜诪讘讜专讻讜转.
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讬讜诐 注讬讜谉 诪注诪讬拽 注诇 爪诪讞讬 讛诪专驻讗 砖诇 讗”讬 讜讛专爪讗讜转 讘谞讜砖讗 诪讞拽专 讗转谞讜-讘讜讟谞讬, 砖讬诪讜砖 拽诇讬谞讬 讘爪诪讞讬诐 砖诇 讗”讬, 爪诪讞讬 诪专驻讗 讘诪拽讜专讜转, 讙讬讚讜诇 讜诇讬拽讜讟, 讛砖讘转 爪诪讞讬 诪专驻讗 讜砖讬诪讜专.
讟拽住 讛讜拽专讛 诇诪讬讬住讚讬诐 讜讛驻注讬诇讬诐 讛讜讜转讬拽讬诐.
讛驻住拽讜转 拽驻讛 讜爪讛专讬讬诐 诇诪驻讙砖 讞讘专讬 注诐 拽讜诇讙讜转
讗诇 转讞诪讬爪讜 讛讝讚诪谞讜转 诇诇诪讜讚, 诇讛讬驻讙砖 注诐 讞讘专讬诐 讜转讬拽讬诐 讜诇讞讙讜讙 讬讞讚 讗转 讛讛讬砖讙讬诐 砖诇 讛注诪讜转讛 讘-20 讛砖谞讬诐 讛讗讞专讜谞讜转.
诪住驻专 讛诪拽讜诪讜转 诪讜讙讘诇, 诇讻谉 诪讜诪诇抓 诇讛拽讚讬诐 讛专砖诪讛.

诇转讻谞讬转 讛诪诇讗讛 讜诇讛专砖诪讛 讛讻谞住讜
诇讛专砖诪讛 讜讘讬专讜专讬诐 讘讟诇驻讜谉 058-7256782
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