Mon 6 August 2018 | 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Botanical Gardens - Kfar Monash, Kfar Monash, From 200 NIS

A fascinating training course for herbalists, led by Gidi Gur.

Monday, 6.8.18, between 10: 00-15: 00.

Botanical Garden, Tel Aviv University.

Seraphim are medicinal agents of varying medical efficacy. The use of medical resins has been recognized since the beginning of history and accompanies us in medicine, food, drinks and medical procedures.

At the Botanical Gardens, we will discuss the following topics:
• What are resins and what is their composition – introduction lecture.
• Clinical use of the resin in various forms of taking – knowledge of the efficiency of the whole material, ground substance, alcohol extraction, syrup, infusion, hydrosols and external use – clinical lecture.
• Presentation of 10 medical resins with geographically-used samples from the islands of Indonesia to Morocco.
• Odor and healing – incense of resins to heal body and soul.

The seminar will be accompanied by written material and examples for each participant.

* The seminar is suitable for therapists – clinical herbalists, Chinese and Ayurvedic therapists. However, even herbal-oriented participants will find great interest in the study day.

About the lecturer:
Gidi Gur – Integrative Chinese Medicine, Herbs, Nutrition.
He holds an MA in Medical Sciences, China, Chairman of the Professional Herbalists Association, owner of Moab Clinic, Tripoli Pharmacy, lecturer in Ethnobotics.

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