Sun 3 December 2017 | 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Bascula - HaRakevet 72, Tel Aviv, 60 NIS


Good Enough / Shai Ramot

A woman and a rope solo piece. Between the voices inside and the voices outside, between the ground and the air, the artist searches for her voice in the world. “I’ve always been jealous of those people who know how to speak, I always wanted to know how to speak, alone, in front of people, out loud, in a whisper, with a heavy accent, at a foreign language, gibberish, use words, do voices, with my hands. Sometimes I try to talk with my hands, like those people who know how to speak. All I get is weird hand movements.”

The show was born under the guidance of Maya Levy and Hanan Anando Mars, and continued with the help of Haim Abramsky, Yogi Dekel, Maya Arad Yasur, Amit Drori and Amitai Yaish. Was premiered at the Bat Yam Festival for Street Theater 2017 .

Professional consultation: Shir Reichert Ramot
Sound: Orel Tamuz


Central stimulation / Yuval Gal

I’m the main stimulus, I’m interested, there are no other stimuli.

Leaving the air airborne, leaving the objects usable for me.
Opens a mouth and adding a word, opens a mouth and inserts a ball.
I’m one object who wants to talk about talking about himself.

The work was created as part of the RE SEARCHE dancers’ training program, directed by Or Marin and Oren Nahum.


‘Shall We Fall?’ / Neta pollak, Noa Lara Meir

In a circus ring, in a world in which it is forbidden to fall, two aerial acrobats devote themselves to the freedom and joy of letting go.
The audience expects us to amaze, to perform challenging maneuvers while hiding any signs of effort, to smile even when it’s hard to breathe, to avoid making sounds, cover hints of pain, and wear leggings to disguise blue marks. More than anything, we are not allowed to fall.

But what if we fall?


Doors open: 19:00
Come in, eat delicious Indian food from Mama Tali, drink beer (or wine or jin) And walk around the stalls of creative and creative artists!

Start of performance: 20:30
After the shows, the bar and the stands will be open for drinking, food and mingling.

Ticket prices: 50 at an early sale
60 on the spot

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