Wed 5 December 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Ahad Haam 23 - Ahad Haam 23, Tel Aviv,

MAYU Water
Mayo invites you to an evening full of water and culture.
Whether you like rain, sea, river, pool or even water from the tap – come celebrate with us in the evening that is a celebration of thanks to the element that makes up the most significant component of all of us.
During the evening you can see how the water responds to the sounds in a special concert, hear about the future of drinking water and celebrate with us the water revolution to the sound of watery music.

Taste various mineral blends inspired by natural springs in Israel and abroad and experience water in motion. (Yes, we are really in love with the water.

Is an Israeli start-up that mimics the water cycle in nature.
Our system (which connects to each faucet) produces the perfect solution
The water is clean, balanced, tasty and rich in minerals, just like in nature.
Have you ever tried to drink water from a clear, flowing spring?
That’s exactly how it feels.

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