Thu 12 July 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Kfar Hanokdim - Kfar Hanokdim, Kfar Hanokdim,

Mayan Warrior Rabbits In The Sand

This encounter could not have been prevented, it was meant to be.

Rabbits in the sand are honored to host the Mayan Warrior team in Israel for the first time in a joint production in the Israeli desert at Hanokdim village.

We highly recommend that you join us from the beginning and stay until the end to completely immerse yourself in this out-of-body experience we plan to take you on.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards the Art Car’s return to Black Rock City, as well as the Rabbits return to the Israeli Playa.

— The Production —

☆ Breathtaking lineup from both camps TBA.
☆ Open air dance floor in the magical Hanokdim village in the Israeli desert.
☆ Decor flown in from Mexico for the occasion as well as decor made by Rabbits In The Sand.
☆ Laser & lighting show never seen in Israel before.
☆ Top of the line sound system.
☆ Various options of accommodation at an additional charge.
☆ Organized transportation from Tel Aviv to the event and back at an additional charge.

— About Mayan Warrior —

First debuting on the Playa, Mayan Warrior has been a fixture at the festival. The unique design is inspired by Mayan and Huichol art with a touch of modern tech. The crew involved in the project include a collective of artists, craftsmen, photographers, designers, technologists and architects from Mexico City and Northern California.

With the mission of presenting contemporary Mexican electronic music to the world, Mayan Warrior has established a reputation for putting together a wild visual and auditory experience that pays homage to Mexico’s deep and ancient culture.

**Proceeds will fund the Art Car’s return back to Black Rock City as well as the Rabbits return to the Israeli Playa.

— About Rabbits In The Sand —

The rabbits began their journey back in 2015.
Since May 2016 they are on a yearly journey back home to the Playa, while making sure it’s a hell of a ride all along the way and a mental, out of this word experience once we get there.

Among approximately 80 rabbit member you can find artists, craftsmen, designers, fashion, marketing and branding experts and main night life personas in Tel Aviv, which most members are from. Aside of showcasing Israel’s hottest dj’s and producers, they are known to “slightly” exaggerate with their decor putting a strong emphasis on video art and mapping.

— Tickets —

Please note! Tickets includes entrance to the party area alone.
Accommodation, food, beverages and shuttle services are for an additional charge.
Important! Please download your ticket to your mobile phone in advance or print them as the reception is very poor deep in the desert.

Tickets are personal and can not be transferred or sold.
It will not be possible to enter without a valid ID matching the name on the ticket.

— Accommodation —

Bringing your own tent is not an option however there will be big shaded areas for you to settle in without any additional charge

— Event hours —

Accommodation ticket holders can arrive and get situated on Friday from 16:00.
Event doors open on Friday at 21:00.
The event ends on Saturday at 12:00.

— Beverages —

Only soft drinks (Alcohol is forbidden) are allowed to be taken in the accommodation areas but not to the event area (they are separated). There are many fountains with cold drinking water located all over the venue.

— Food —

There will be assorted food stalls offering vegan, vegetarian and meat dishes.
Food can be brought from home into the accommodation areas.

— Bathrooms and showers —

The village has clean, well-maintained showers and many toilets.
Female and male showers and toilets are separated.

— Transportation —

There will be paid transportation from Tel Aviv and a back from Hanokdim village, full details and a link to purchase will be published later on.

— Procedures, principles, instructions, recommendations, rules and love —

👀 Personal space – We practice zero tolerance for any kind of harassment!
Respect the personal space of the rabbits and Mayan fighters around you and show vigilance and responsibility. If you have experienced yourself or witnessed disturbing or inappropriate behavior, please contact one of the staff, security guards or bartenders and we will do everything in our power to ensure your safety and comfort.

👀 Cleanliness, MOP and LNT – the village is surrounded by nature and nature reserves, anything that is thrown on the ground or not anchored properly – will end up flying with the wind to the open space, to the magical desert and at our mother – Mother Earth.

We made sure that cleaning crews are on nonstop shifts throughout the party.
We will place countless trash bins all over the compound as well as supply you with personal garbage bags in the sleeping areas and other central locations.
Please help us protect the environment and return it in the same condition it was when we got there at least.

👀 Your physical and mental well-being is important to us – intensive care units and first aid teams will be at the venue, please contact us in any case or concern for your safety.

👀 Age of entry – 21 or older.

👀 Fire – Fire is prohibited in all compounds without exception.

Come open minded, with the biggest smile you can manage to come up with. We intend to send you back home in an even better shape.

Excited and diligently working on making this dream come true, two camps with one exaggerated vision –
Mayan Warrior and Rabbits In The Sand

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