Thu 30 May 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Pasaz - Allenby 94, Tel Aviv,

I sometimes feel that people have forgotten the essence of an album, an entire project, a work body that is not a collection of some singles.

The songs are a way to tell a story, something bigger, something that makes you think and work and sometimes go through a process with yourself.

I remember how I would have been excited as a child when a new album was coming out.

I would examine every little detail on the album and go into the artist’s world and every time it was fascinating.

Today, I feel that it is missing both from the point of view of the industry and from the perspective of the audience that is used to receiving a cool song that runs on the radio and the network and then another song and then another song without glue that connects it all together.

For me it is so important that there be a certain agenda behind these songs, that there will be a reason, that there will be a goal.

And that’s why I’m super excited to invite you to a special evening.
This evening we’ll take the AP Another step forward
This show for me is an inseparable part of me as an artist

This evening is a celebration of music, of all styles of music, a celebration of freedom in being who you are, a celebration of love, independence, and my celebration of love for this world.
I tell my friends and people that it’s my wedding,
I marry the audience I marry the music and I let my animal out, it’s like sex.

We will be 9 people on stage
9 hungry people who
breathe music and
we plan you a musical experience that will excite you, empower you and mainly cause you to forget for a moment what is happening around and be at this moment.
This is all I want.
I want this evening to become a Rockcross and we will
celebrate who we are.
I want you to feel unbeatable at the end of the evening and you can overcome everything and always have to stand after you fall.

So here’s the life of the monsters
for the music
life and the SHOW!

Can not wait to see you
Matty will

drive you crazy before:

– Day Date Time Doors:
Thursday 30.5.19
Doors – 20:30
– Ticket Early / Early Tickets
40 Instead 50

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